At HKU, teaching and research awards have been established for years to commend outstanding educators and researchers. While all faculties teach and research, what sets the Medical Faculty apart from other disciplines is patient-oriented clinical services, the core business of the medical profession. HKUMed has thus established the CSEA to fill the long-due vacuum of recognition in clinical services. ‘HKUMed has always emphasised our three important roles of clinical services, teaching and research. We have therefore set up this scheme in order to identify and award outstanding clinicians serving within HKU Health System who have achieved excellence in clinical services,’ explained Dr Victoria Wong Wing-yee, Director of HKU Health System. ‘Unlike other faculty members who are mainly engaged in academic research, clinical staff might not be able to spend as much time in conducting research. Nonetheless, their provision of clinical services has achieved outstanding results and are definitely worthy of recognition and compliment.’ The four awardees of the inaugural CSEA – Dr Christian Fang Xinshuo, Dr Rex Lam Pui-kin, Dr Philip Li and Dr Michael To Kai-tsun1, have been working hard to support HKUMed’s clinical enterprises. They are rewarded for enhancing the overall efficiency and safety of clinical services delivered by the team, reinforcing communication with patients and their families, organising mutual assistance among patients, introducing new technologies for greater success in surgery, as well as promoting inter-departmental teamwork to share results and provide the best treatment for patients. FEATURE + Acknowledging Excellence in Clinical Services In Chinese culture, medical professionals are often said to have ‘the parents’ heart’, comparing their devotion to patients’ health not only to parents’ love for children but also their selfless sacrifice. As a medical school with impartial emphases on clinical services, teaching and research, HKUMed has launched the Faculty Clinical Service Excellence Awards (CSEA) in 2022 to recognise and reward staff members who demonstrate excellence in clinical services. ↑↗Winner of CSEA for public clinical services, Dr Michael To Kai-tsun, Clinical Associate Professor of the Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology, SClinMed has been treating pediatric patients of rare bone diseases for ten years at the University of Hong Kong-Shenzhen Hospital. ←Dr Victoria Wong, Director of HKU Health System 34