FEATURE Teaching • The MBBS curriculum is being reviewed and updated. An early initiative is to establish the 140+ CORE1 Curriculum to ensure that, amidst the growing body of medical knowledge to learn, HKUMed continues to produce doctors who have the necessary training to be safe doctors. An Advanced Curriculum is also on offer for students who want an extra challenge. • Use of new technologies is continuing apace. Apart from simulation technology and augmented and virtual reality, a point of care ultrasonography teaching course has just been introduced for Specialty Clerks in the M23 class to provide each student with a handheld ultrasound probe to familiarise themselves with this ‘stethoscope of tomorrow’. This will expand to more junior clinical students in coming years. • A planned tripartite collaboration will be launched in 2023 involving HKUMed, the Faculty of Medicine of the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine to ensure continuous professional training is provided to graduates throughout their careers. 教學 • 內外全科醫學士課程正接受評審和更新。早前醫學院建立了 140+ CORE2 課程,以應對不斷增加的必修醫學知識及必要 培訓,確保港大醫學院繼續培育出能夠安全行醫的醫生,並 為追求更多挑戰的學生提供進階課程。 • 繼續加快新科技的應用。除了模擬技術、擴增實境和虛擬實 境之外,醫學院剛為2023畢業班的專科實習生開設手提超聲 波儀器課程,為每位學生提供一個手提超聲波探頭,以熟習 使用這個「明日的聽診器」。這個項目將在未來幾年擴展到更多 的初級臨床醫科生。 • 港大醫學院、香港中文大學醫學院和香港醫學專科學院將於 2023年啟動三方合作計劃,確保畢業生在其整個職業生涯中 獲得持續的專業培訓。 Physical and Human Capital Development • A new Clinical Training and Amenities Centre with two additional housing blocks for medical and nursing students is being built at 6 Sassoon Road, with phased target completion dates between 2024 and 2027. • Rezoning of the Green Belt means the Faculty will be able to consolidate the research labs and offices of the Schools of Clinical Medicine and Public Health, including a BSL3 lab, large animal core facility, and MRI/ GMP lab. This in turn will enable space reallocation at the Laboratory Block to the School of Biomedical Sciences, Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacy, and core facilities. • A Clinical Affiliation Scheme was recently set up with the Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital, in addition to HKUMed’s partnerships with the Hospital Authority, Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong, the University of Hong Kong-Shenzhen Hospital, and Hong Kong Children’s Hospital. • The ‘'140 for 140’ global recruitment drive remains underway with the aim of attracting an additional 140 world-class scientists by HKUMed’s 140th anniversary in 2027. 設施及人力資源發展 • 新的臨床培訓和設施中心正於沙宣道六號興建中,包括兩幢新 的醫科和護理學生宿舍,目標於 2024 年至 2027 年間分階 段完成。 • 綠化帶的新設施發展完成後,可容納臨床醫學和公共衞生學院 的研究實驗室及辦公室,包括生物安全第三等級實驗室、大 型動物核心設施和磁力共振/GMP實驗室等。實驗室大樓的 空間將重新分配予生物醫學學院、藥理及藥劑學系及多項核心 設施。 • 港大醫學院最近與養和醫院制定臨床醫護聯合培訓計劃,擴展 了醫院管理局、港怡醫院、香港大學深圳醫院和香港兒童醫 院以外的合作網絡。 • 港大醫學院全球招聘計劃仍在進行中,目標是在2027年醫學 院成立140周年之際,聘請多140名世界級科學家。 Priorities for the Faculty 醫學院的當前要務 Professor Lau has started laying out priorities for HKUMed’s next stage of development. With growth happening across all areas, student and staff numbers continuing to increase, and intense scrutiny of the Faculty with the University’s academic review of the Faculty as a whole this winter, and the Medical Council of Hong Kong’s planned assessment of the MBBS programme coming next year, there is much to attend to. 劉教授已開始積極籌劃港大醫學院下一階段發展的 優先次序。隨著各方面的發展,學生和教職員人數不斷 增加。今年冬天,港大將對醫學院進行學術評審,明年 香港醫務委員會亦將對內外全科醫學士課程進行評估, 工作委實不輕。 1 Common situations pertaining to Ordinary clinical settings, in which students are expected to acquire the Relevant knowledge, skills and behaviour that are Essential for component and ethical professional practice 2 學生能夠在日常(Common)的一般(Ordinary)臨床環境中實習,獲取相關(Relevant)知識、技能和實踐經驗,學習德才兼備的行醫要訣(Essential)。 20