people to move from one space to another, to get to know each other. Only with that will we improve and grow. ‘Our development must hinge on making people feel proud to be here – to have their own identity but at the same time feel part of the HKUMed fraternity. It is also important to give them hope with a clear academic path with progression in their career.’ Professor Lau is pouring his all into that aim. He is continuing to teach and to keep his door open for students so he does not lose touch with their needs. He has also given up his cherished hobby of running marathons (he has completed 32), allowing himself only a Sunday morning run. ‘I’m not a very talented runner. I need to train 60-70 kilometres a week to run a marathon, but I don’t have time for that now. I miss it, but I also understand that there’s always a time when you have to say goodbye to these things.’ In other words, there is a time and season for everything. For Professor Lau, now is the time to plant and build as he leads HKUMed into the future. ‘It is nice for schools and departments to have their own “home” to go back to. But a medical faculty is much more than a home.’ ←As Dean of Medicine, Professor Lau tries to ensure that every member of the HKUMed family feels well-looked after and supported. 身為醫學院院長,劉教 授致力確保港大醫學院 的每一位成員都得到妥 善照顧和支持。 13 HKUMed News Winter 2022