Time to grow In fact, growth will be the catchword for the Faculty in the coming years. Staff and student numbers are increasing substantially to meet Hong Kong’s future healthcare demands. With more staff also comes more research activity. And with all of that, the need for more space. This year, the Schools of Nursing and Chinese Medicine moved into the new academic building at No. 3 Sassoon Road, freeing space at William MW Mong Block for student facilities. Other developments are underway elsewhere on Sassoon Road and at the Green Belt and Grantham Hospital, while clinical affiliations recently expanded to include the Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital. Professor Lau welcomes the additional space, but at the same time, it brings him back to his original vision. ‘It is nice for schools and departments to have their own “home” to go back to. But a medical faculty is much more than a home. We want our units to have the space they need, at the same time we want FEATURE 12