FEATURE back and cherish time with my wife and children. ‘But second, I also came to feel that perhaps HKU was also my alma mater. I had spent more time there than at Dundee. I missed Hong Kong and I missed HKU.’ In 2010 Professor Lau returned as Chair of Rheumatology and Clinical Immunology and Director of the Bau Institute of Medical and Health Sciences Education. He also caught the attention of Professor Gabriel Leung, who took up his deanship in 2013 and invited Professor Lau to join his team as Associate Dean of Teaching and Learning. ‘I’ve always enjoyed teaching,’ Professor Lau said, ‘and I didn’t take longer than one second to tell him yes. It was one of my proudest and more memorable moments.’ Alongside his considerable responsibilities in the deanery, including developing the EY curriculum, he also became involved in the HKAM. He was invited for nomination as VicePresident of Education and Examination and from 2016-2020 served as President. ‘I have been fortunate in having opportunities to serve in multiple positions. My roles in the HKAM made me realise the importance of continuous education, that the training of a doctor really does not end six years after they join us.’ In 2007, happily settled in his position at HKUMed where he became full professor in 2000, he received a call from Professor Belch. The University of Dundee was establishing a chair professorship. Would he be interested? ‘I’m a loyal person and while I had not thought about leaving HKUMed, Dundee was my alma mater where I learned my trade and this was a chair position. I felt very proud to go back,’ he said. But after two and a half years there, he came to two realisations: ‘First, during the previous 15 years in Hong Kong, I didn’t take care of my family enough. So the time in Dundee allowed me to pay Back then forth 10