considerable knowledge gaps about systemic lupus through research. He discovered that it was prominent in Asian populations, the combined result of genetic and environmental factors, and he worked on improving treatments and raising awareness. He founded the Hong Kong Arthritis & Rheumatism Foundation in 2001, co-founded regional organisations focused on rheumatism and lupus, led the development of the region’s first treatment recommendations for rheumatoid arthritis and axial spondyloarthritis, and was President of the Asia Pacific League of Rheumatology Associations from 2006 to 2008. On the back of these efforts and global research activity, outcomes for patients with both systemic lupus and rheumatoid arthritis have been much improved, with the treatments less toxic and much more effective. During this period, he was also brought into the new Hong Kong Academy of Medicine (HKAM), founded in 1993, to help set up subspecialty training in rheumatology and chair the subspecialty board. His association with the HKAM would deepen later on, but first, he had a couple of more twists in his career. 9 HKUMed News Winter 2022