HKUMed News (Vol 27 | Issue 1)

People 人物 01-06/03/2022 IFMSA March Meeting 2022 世界醫學生聯盟 (IFMSA) 春季大會 Members of the Asian Medical Students’ Association Hong Kong (AMSAHK) attended the March Meeting 2022 of the International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations (IFMSA). 香港亞洲醫學生學生會成員出席世界醫學生聯盟 (IFMSA) 春季大會。 04/03/2022 Career Talk for Biomedical Sciences Students 生物醫學就業講座 The first Career Talk of the year for biomedical sciences students was successfully held online. Speakers included a professor from the School of Biomedical Sciences, an alumnus pursuing postgraduate studies in bioinformatics, and a guest speaker from the healthcare industry. 本年度首個生物醫學就業講座於網上舉行。講者包括生物醫學學院教授、現正修讀生物信息學硏究生 課程的校友,以及來自醫療界的嘉賓。 03-04/2022 Volunteer Drug Delivery Service 藥物送遞義工服務 During the fifth wave of COVID-19, pharmacy students volunteered for the drug delivery service organised by the Hong Kong Pharmaceutical Care Foundation (PCFHK) in collaboration with hospital staff, community pharmacists and drivers. 第五波新冠疫情下,藥劑學學生參與由香港藥學服務基金舉辦的 藥物送遞義工服務,與醫護人員、社區藥劑師和司機合作,為病 人配藥、取藥,並送藥至護老院或病人家中。 26-27/03/2022 MedStart 2022 2022杏林啟程 MedStart 2022 is a two-day medical school immersion programme tailored to provide participants with an overview of medicine. A historic high of 500+ participants joined the programme this year. 2022杏林啟程活動為期兩天,旨在向參加者介紹醫科課程及相關 資訊。今年有逾500人參加,創下歷史新高。 STUDENT ACTIVITIES學生活動 50