HKUMed News (Vol 27 | Issue 1)

‘With the surge of the pandemic, the battlefield is no longer confined to the hospital. HKUMed hopes to step into the community and lend a helping hand on specimen collection, vaccination and patient care, to go through the dark with Hong Kong people.’ 「香港至今已有接近900間安老院出現員工和院友確診,讓更多 長者接種疫苗刻不容緩。在疫症蔓延的今天,戰場不再只是醫院。 港大醫學院希望走入社區,協助檢測、接種疫苗和照顧病人, 與港人一起走出陰霾。」 ― Professor Gabriel Leung, Dean of Medicine 港大醫學院院長梁卓偉教授 ‘The Community Isolation Facility was transformed from a Sports Centre in a short period of time, medical supplies were relatively limited. Because of this, I learned how to allocate limited resources flexibly to serve patients.’ 「暫托中心在短時間內由體育館改造而成, 醫療物資較短缺,在過程中學到如何靈活運用有限 的資源為病人服務。」 ― Kenny, BNurs HKUMed nursing students stationed at the Community Isolation Facility at Choi Wing Road Sports Centre to support elderly patient care. 港大醫學院護理學院學生進駐彩榮路體育館暫託中心,分擔照顧 年老患者的重任。 HKUMed faculty members were teaching MBBS students how to use handheld ultrasound devices (POCUS – point-of-care ultrasound) for diagnosis at Community Isolation Facility. 港大醫學院教學團隊於暫托中心向醫學生示範如何操作手 提超聲波儀器(重點式照護超音波POCUS)為市民診症。 Professor Gabriel Leung, Dean of Medicine, consoled an elderly patient at the Community Isolation Facility at Choi Wing Road Sports Centre. 港大醫學院院長梁卓偉教授於彩榮路體育館 暫託中心探訪確診長者。 27 HKUMed News Summer 2022