HKUMed News (Vol 27 | Issue 1)

FEATURE The Nerve Centre for Infection Control HKUMed’s Department of Microbiology has become worldrenowned for its research on SARS-CoV-2, an achievement made possible by its long history of expertise in infectious diseases. In fact, it was the Department’s successful work on SARS in 2003 that inspired the current Chairperson, Dr Kelvin To Kai-wang, to become a microbiologist. Dr To was in the final year of his MBBS at HKUMed, having earlier earned a Bachelor of Science in microbiology. He had decided to pursue medicine because he wanted to work with patients, but watching microbiologists tackle the urgent threat of SARS made him realise he could combine both fields. ‘Graduating during the SARS epidemic made me feel that microbiology as a clinical specialty was worthy of pursuing. ↓Research by members of the Department of Microbiology on coronavirus, published in Lancet in 2003. 微生物學系於2003年 在醫學期刊 《刺針》 發表有關冠狀病毒的 研究。 ‘I am happy to take on whatever duty that can benefit the Department and the University. I don’t see it as a burden.’ Dr Kelvin To Kai-wang Dr Kelvin To Kai-wang Chairperson of Microbiology 16