HKUMed News (Vol 27 | Issue 1)

FEATURE A deep compassion for psychiatric patients, whose disease impacts not only their health but their quality of life, plus a fascination with the ‘mystique’ of psychiatry, drew Dr Chang Wing-chung, who read medicine at CUHK, into this field. Now, as the new Chairperson of Psychiatry, he aims to further strengthen research and deepen public awareness to combat the stigma of mental health. ‘Psychiatric patients may not have an immediate risk of death, but their career opportunities, social relationship and quality of life could be significantly compromised owing to the mental illness. They may also find it difficult to explain their symptoms, especially hallucinations, delusions and cluttered thoughts, or even dismiss these symptoms as normal. Sometimes they are even denied proper treatment because their family refuses to accept their condition,’ he said. ‘Compared with other medical specialties, there is a lot that remains unexplored in psychiatry.’ The growing burden of mental health challenges around the Let No Life Be Idle ↑The Department of Psychiatry regularly organises school talks and workshops to raise public awareness on mental health issues. 精神科學系定期舉辦校 園講座與工作坊,加深 公衆對精神健康的認識。 Dr Chang Wing-chung Chairperson of Psychiatry 12