HKUMed News (Vol 27 | Issue 1)

FEATURE The Power of a Role Model When Dr Karen Chan Kar-loen took up her role as the new Chairperson of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (O&G) last year, she was well aware that she was stepping into big shoes. ‘Our Department has a long history and there have been giants before me, such as Professors Ma Chung Ho-kei, Ho Pak-chung and Hextan Ngan Yuen-sheung. They have done a lot for our Department and for the development of women’s health in general in Hong Kong. Now I am carrying the torch and I believe people will expect the same from me,’ she said. She brings distinct strengths to the job – a strong clinical background, a vision for expanding and advancing research in the Department, and a deep understanding of the impact of a good role model – something that helped her to decide on her specialty. After graduating from Cambridge University and completing her housemanship, Dr Chan was working in the Accident & Emergency department of St George’s Hospital in London and still undecided about her specialty when a pregnant woman came in bleeding profusely from a miscarriage. An O&G doctor was called in to help. ‘He was a young doctor, polite and patient. He did a very calm examination and everything settled down within minutes. I just thought this was amazing and this was something I could do for my patients too, so I decided to try O&G,’ she said. Dr Chan went on to specialise in gynaecological oncology, in which she has pursued research and taken on leadership roles in the academic community. She is now encouraging such a proactive approach among colleagues ‘We can get more people to talk about their research and how excited they are about their project, and this may encourage people to go down the academic track.’ Dr Karen Chan Kar-loen ←The Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (O&G) is committed to undergraduate medical education that encourages students to be a lifelong learner. 婦產科學系致力培育 後晉,並鼓勵學生由本 科開始,建立終身學習 的志向和態度。 The Tsan Yuk Hospital (TYH) was established. TYH is one of the two major teaching hospitals for O&G at HKUMed. The other major hospital for O&G training, Queen Mary Hospital, was established in 1937. 贊育醫院成立,為婦產 科學系兩所主要教學醫 院之一。另為於1937 年成立的瑪麗醫院。 1922 10