205 Congregation

both body and mind. In international banking, we often look for talents that are mobile, ready to take up roles overseas - as an international manager. But mobility in mind and the openness to diversities are equally, if not more essential, in talents. Steve Jobs once said, ‘Stay hungry. Stay foolish.’ Stay hungry to learn and excel. I have surely stayed foolish especially in asking questions and learnings. Along the journey, there are many decision points with choices, temptations and distractions... Which specialisation to pursue? In banking, be a foreign exchange trader, a private banker or an investment banker? In medicine, be a cardiologist, a surgeon, or a radiologist? Where to move? Change to another bank or take up multiple careers? Stay in banking? Join a hedge fund, do a startup, or join the government? In medicine, stay in public hospitals, join a medical group, start your own private practice or pursue a different career? How to serve your clients? With the most suited investment products, even with lower margin to the bank? And the best course of treatment for patients? Do we pick a specialisation or make a move? Where one gets the best pay, prestige or recognition? HOW TO MAKE CHOICES OR DECISIONS Some decisions may feel more obscure or harder to make. Steve Jobs said, ‘Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become.’ It’s important to preserve, protect and nurture one’s heart. A heart with passion and empathy, a heart with curiosity and humility and a heart with commitment and love. And the decision process remains, ‘Is it doing good to society? Are we helping?’ It is the same underlying thinking as when we wrote about ‘My Aspiration’ (我的志願) in junior years. It is about to be a good person, contributing to society. Congratulations again! With the excellent training the university has equipped you with, many of you have the chance to double fulfill your aspiration - as you are pursuing your ‘aspired profession’ as well as the ‘aspiration to be a good person!’ This is a lifelong journey, but not a solitary one. Enjoy and have fun. I am confident that with your heart of goodness as the anchor, you will be successful, making positive differences and continue to fulfil your aspiration along the way. Thanks again for this privileged opportunity to be here with you all. Best of luck and blessings. Thank you. 23 The 205th Congregation