HKUMed News (Vol 26 | Issue 2)

Dr Esther Yu Yee-tak (Family Medicine and Primary Care) received 3 Awards from The Hong Kong College of Family Physicians (HKCFP) 家庭醫學及基層醫療學系 余懿德醫生獲香港家庭醫學學院 頒發三大獎項 • HKCFP Best Research Award 2020 最佳研究獎 • HKCFP Best Oral Presentation Award 2021最佳口頭報告獎 • HKCFP Outstanding Poster Presentation Award 2021傑出海報報告獎 Dr Tiffany Wong Cho-lam (Surgery) received the Lo Ying Shek Chi Wai Foundation Award for Young Investigator 2021 外科學系黃楚琳醫生獲頒羅鷹石 慈慧基金傑出年青研究獎2021 Dr Desmond Yap Yat-hin (Medicine) was awarded the Sir David Todd Lectureship 2021 by the Hong Kong College of Physicians 内科學系葉逸軒醫生獲香港内科 醫學院頒發2021年度Sir David Todd Lectureship Dr Lam Ka-on (Clinical Oncology) was selected as one of the Hong Kong Ten Outstanding Young Persons 2021 臨床腫瘤學系林嘉安醫生獲選為 2021年度香港十大傑出青年 Dr Stephanie Ma Kwai-yee (Biomedical Sciences) was granted funding from the Research Grants Council (RGC) Research Fellow Scheme 2021/22 生物醫學學院馬桂宜博士獲 2021/22年度香港研究資助局 研究學者計劃撥款 Dr Vivian Man Chi-mei (Surgery) won the Young Investigator Award – Best Scientific Paper from the Hong Kong Society of Breast Surgeons 外科學系文芷薇醫生獲香港乳房外科學會頒發青年研究員獎 ⸺ 最佳科研論文 Winners of the Poster Showcase at HKU Teaching and Learning Festival 2021 港大 Teaching and Learning Festival 2021 Poster Showcase 得獎者 • Dr Julie Chen (BIMHSE) and team 家庭醫學及基層醫療學系、 鮑氏醫學及衞生教育研究所陳芸博士及 其團隊 • Dr Fraide Ganotice (BIMHSE) and team 鮑氏醫學及衞生教育研究所 Dr Fraide Ganotice及其團隊 Dr Kris Lok Yuet-wan (Nursing) received the Faculty Knowledge Exchange (KE) Award 2021 護理學院駱月雲博士獲香港大學 頒發2021年度學院知識交流獎 Faculty Outstanding Research Output Awards 2021 2021 年度醫學院傑出研究論文獎 Dr Gao Bo (Biomedical Sciences) received the Youth Technology Award of the 2020 China Medical Science & Technology Awards 生物醫學學院高波博士獲頒 2020年中華醫學科技獎: 青年科技獎 Professor Jin Dong-yan (Biomedical Sciences) was granted funding from Research Grants Council (RGC) Theme-based Research Scheme 2021/22 生物醫學學院金冬雁教授獲 2021/22年度香港研究資助局 主題研究計劃撥款 Please scan the QR Code below for a detailed list of award-winning research: 請掃描以下QR code以瀏覽得獎名單: HKU Intramural Awards for Research Excellence - Faculty Outstanding Research Output Awards 2021 NATIONAL LOCAL (as of 31 October 2021) 43 HKUMed News Winter 2021 國家獎項 本地獎項