HKUMed News (Vol 26 | Issue 2)

Looking back on nearly three decades serving the University, Professor Cheung summed up his tenure as Head of the Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology, ‘We have always been proud of our dedication and achievements.’ He is grateful to have joined HKUMed since the early 1990s. ‘The advantages of practising medicine in Hong Kong include the heavy caseload that provides abundance of clinical research data; the strong academic inquisitiveness of the local medical profession, especially at HKU and Queen Mary Hospital, where doctors strive to get at the root of problems for the best patient recovery strategy instead of submissively following established procedures.’ ‘In addition, both the public and private sectors in Hong Kong are supportive of medical research,’ he added with a grin. 29 HKUMed News Winter 2021