HKUMed News (Vol 26 | Issue 2)

Building for the Future The Faculty is on an unprecedented physical expansion to meet its current and future demands. By the time all current building projects are completed – in 2027, in time for our 140th anniversary – we will have increased our net workable space by 50%. • 21 Sassoon Road – expanded with new administration wing and enhanced through repurposing of several floors, a link bridge and garden; completed in 2021 • 3 Sassoon Road – a new building for School of Nursing and School of Chinese Medicine to open in 2022 • The first batch of clinical student residence opening on Sassoon Road in 2024-5 • The Centre for Clinical Innovation and Discovery and the Institute of Cancer Care opening at Grantham Hospital in 2024, funded by a $1.24 billion endowment from The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, HKU’s single largest donation ever • The first phase of Queen Mary Hospital’s redevelopment, to be completed in 2024-5 • A second new residence for clinical students, opening in 2027 • A new 1,000-bed clinical block and new research block at HKUShenzhen Hospital, to be completed in 2027 • A second clinical training and amenities building and greenbelt development along Pokfulam Road, to be completed in 2027 • Plus, recent additions of a 5,000-square metre laboratory at Hong Kong Science Park as part of the InnoHK programme and 1,100 square metres of space at Hong Kong Children’s Hospital. 建設未來 醫學院現正進行規模前所未見的擴建,以配合當前和未來的需求。到 2027 年140周年院慶之際,屆時所有建築項目將會完成,淨可用空間將增加 50%。 • 沙宣道 21 號 ⸺2021年新建成的行政樓,以及完成舊大樓的改善工程, 包括重新調配舊大樓數層的功能、興建一座連接橋和花園 • 沙宣道3號 ⸺護理學院及中醫藥學院的新大樓將於2022年啟用 • 沙宣道臨床學生宿舍第一期將於2024-25年啟用 • 設於葛量洪醫院的臨床創新與發現中心和癌症綜合關護中心將於2024年啟 用。此項目由香港賽馬會慈善信託基金提供12.4億元資助,是港大有史以 來獲得的最大筆單一捐款 • 瑪麗醫院第一期重建工程將於2024-25年竣工 • 沙宣道臨床學生宿舍第二期將於2027年啟用 • 港大深圳醫院新臨床大樓和研究大樓將於2027年竣工,新增1,000張病床 • 薄扶林道第二座臨床訓練與配套設施及綠化帶發展項目將於2027年竣工 • 此外,作為InnoHK計劃的一部分,醫學院在香港科學園增加了5,000平方 米的實驗室面積,並在香港兒童醫院增加了 1,100 平方米的空間。 17 HKUMed News Winter 2021