HKUMed News (Vol 26 | Issue 2)

for all medical students to deepen their understanding of the nature of pain and suffering through themes such as narrative stories about patients and doctors, death, dying and bereavement, and the history of medicine. This was followed by the ground-breaking Enrichment Year introduced with the 2016 intake, which requires all medical students to take charge of their learning in their third year and seek experiences beyond medical school. Students have studied a completely different subject, done service learning, pursued research or undertaken other useful pursuits. Nursing students are also now required to spend some of their learning to broaden their perspectives. ‘While the PBL curriculum has served us well, we need to keep fine-tuning and rebalancing our curriculum so we can provide students the best possible education for our times,’ Professor Leung said. The Faculty is also committed to ensuring its education is available to all qualified students who do not have prosperous backgrounds or other advantages in life. Two scholarships were created over the past decade, Springboard and Second Chance, that reinforce meritocracy and provide financial assistance to these students. The Faculty is also the only school in Hong Kong to reserve at least three quarters of places for suitable graduates of the public HKDSE examinations, reinforcing our commitment to provide trained healthcare professionals who can serve all walks of life. ‘A good education is about gaining a good realisation of what a human being is,’ said Professor Lee. ‘I hope our students would become better human beings because better human beings make better doctors and nurses.’ New programmes launched 近年新課程 Bachelor of Nursing 護理學學士 Bachelor of Chinese Medicine 中醫全科學士 Bachelor of Pharmacy 藥劑學學士 Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences 生物醫學學士 Bachelor of Arts and Sciences in Global Health and Development 文理學士 (環球衞生及發展) Bachelor of Science in Bioinformatics 理學士(生物訊息學) 1995 2002 2009 2012 2019 2022 Professor Gabriel Leung (MD 2003, Dean 2013-present) 9 HKUMed News Winter 2021