September 2020 3 HKUMed WHO Collaborating Centre for Infectious Disease Epidemiology and Control updates on the Universal Community Testing Programme (UCTP) and vaccine procurement 港大醫學院世衞傳染病流行病學及 控制合作中心簡布有關「普及社區 檢測計劃」及疫苗採購事宜的最新 概況 9 HKU State Key Laboratory for Emerging Infectious Diseases co- developed COVID-19 vaccine candidate approved for clinical trial in humans 港大新發傳染病國家重點實驗室 合作研製鼻噴新冠肺炎疫苗 獲國 家藥品監管局批准開展臨床試驗 21 HKUMed researchers found local superspreading featured predominantly in overall SARS- CoV-2 transmission during the first and second wave in Hong Kong: implications for continuing social restrictions 港大醫學院研究發現 香港第一波 和第二波新型冠狀病毒疫情主要 由本地超級傳播主導 香港應維持 社交距離措施 25 HKUMed in alliance with international research collaboration discovers inborn errors of immunity in patients with life-threatening COVID-19 港大醫學院與國際醫學科研聯盟研 究發現 部分 2019 冠狀病毒病危殆 患者有先天性免疫病 October 2020 8 HKUMed develops a novel therapeutic approach against Epstein-Barr virus-associated tumours by using exosomes derived from V δ 2-T cells 港大醫學院發現 V δ 2-T 細胞外泌 體 可作為治療 EB 病毒相關腫瘤的 新方法 9 HKUMed reports a simple risk score to identify undiagnosed diabetes and announces the launch of the “ HK CRISPS Health Risk Engines ” Smartphone App 港大醫學院發表有助篩查隱形糖尿 病的簡易糖尿病風險評估 並宣佈 「糖心易測」流動應用程式正式面世 12 HKU scientists and microbiologists jointly discover a novel antiviral strategy for treatment of COVID-19 using existing metallodrugs 港大化學和微生物學者研究發現 一類臨床常用含金屬抗菌藥物可有 效針對新型冠狀病毒感染 17 HKU Department of Microbiology discovers a novel broad-spectrum antiviral strategy for COVID-19 and other viral infections 香港大學微生物學系研發新型 廣譜抗病毒治療策略有效針對 COVID-19 及其他病毒感染 18 HKUMed researchers discovered that ORF8 and ORF3b are major targets of SARS-CoV-2 humoral immune response and can be used for more specific testing of COVID-19 infection 港大醫學院於新型冠狀病毒中發現 兩種可引起人類免疫系統反應的 抗原 ORF8 和 ORF3b 並可針對性 應用於 2019 冠狀病毒病的檢測上 24 HKU Department of Microbiology documented the world ’ s first case of COVID-19 re-infection 香港大學微生物學系確認全球首宗 COVID-19 重複感染病例 26 HKU Department of Microbiology discovers a novel broad-spectrum antiviral peptide against SARS- CoV-2 and influenza virus 香港大學微生物學系發現一種針對 SARS-CoV-2 和流感病毒的新型 廣譜抗病毒肽 31 HKUMed unveils the novel function of extracellular vesicle in driving liver cancer metastasis, providing new targets for early diagnosis and treatment 港大醫學院研究揭示胞外囊泡在 肝癌轉移中的新作用 為肝癌早期 診斷和治療提供新靶點 60 Media Highlights