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2 The Faculty in 2018 & 2019 5 HKUMed’s Rapid Response on COVID-19 HKUMed has been at the forefront of the global effort to contain the Covid-19 pandemic, providing the earliest assessments of the disease’s spread and transmission, characterising the culprit SARS-CoV-2 virus, and giving timely advice to the World Health Organization(WHO), the Hong Kong and other governments and local and international media. FEATURE 8 The Emerging Changemakers The frontiers of medical and scientific wisdom are being advanced at an unprecedented level, taking us down new paths of understanding and opening new avenues for treatment and wellness. HKUMed has been grooming a pool of young talented researchers, who are adept at applying newer tools such as bioinformatics and artificial intelligence, as well as incorporating traditional clinical feedback. The nine young scholars featured in this issue are distinguished by significant research success early in their careers. 44 HONOURS AND AWARDS 48 ENGAGING THE WORLD The Faculty is highly proactive in reaching out to our counterparts in universities and government bodies across the nation and the world. We participate in high- level regional and global forums, share information and expertise with our counterparts from other institutions, and explore new collaborations. These engagements benefit scholars, teachers and students of HKUMed by providing new opportunities and horizons, and ultimately will benefit patients by enriching our knowledge and expertise. Contents