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101 Medical Faculty News Contents 2 4 14 24 26 21 SASSOON ROAD 28 INSIDE THE FACULTY 37 NEXT GENERATION NEW DEANERY Grooming the Next Generation of Academic Leaders: New Deanery 2018-2023 FEATURE Enrichment Year: The Journey Begins The Enrichment Year is a ground-breaking initiative by the Faculty to encourage students to take charge of their learning, acquire new skills, and embark upon whole-person development beyond medical knowledge and skills. All third-year MBBS students took their first steps to new horizons and challenges this September when they embarked on the unique and exciting Enrichment Year, which will prepare them to rise to the demands of the clinical years and practise medicine with compassion and commitment. SPOTLIGHT A Legacy of Excellence: The Eleventh Inauguration of Endowed Professorships HKU celebrated the Eleventh Inauguration of Endowed Professorships on March 21, 2018, at the Loke Yew Hall. Eight Endowed Professorships from the Faculty were officially endowed at the ceremony. HONOURS AND AWARDS Establishment of the “Leong Che Hung Distinguished Visiting Professorship in Leadership”. Professors Godfrey Chan, Richard Fielding, Gabriel Leung, Nivritti Patil and Malik Peiris received highly acclaimed international honours.