HKUMed UG Prospectus 2022

Disciplinary ‘Data Science Laboratory’ Courses Taking an experiential learning approach, two innovative ‘Data Science Laboratory’ courses are offered to allow students to acquire hands-on computer programming and data analysis skills, as well as reinforce the underlying principles of mathematical, statistical and algorithmic concepts through tailored dry-lab practical classes in genomics and digital health. Students are required to complete one or both of the following courses: ࠮ Genome Sequencing and Analysis ࠮ Digital Health Disciplinary Elective Courses A wide range of specialised courses in bioinformatics, biomedical sciences, statistics and computer science can be chosen to fulfil the disciplinary elective courses. Students are required to take three to four courses from over 20 courses. Some example bioinformatics courses include: ࠮ Structural Bioinformatics ࠮ Biomedical Software Systems ࠮ Global Health Informatics ࠮ Biomedical Image Informatics 5