HKUMed UG Prospectus 2022

࠮ Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory ࠮ Final Year Project/Biomedical Innovation Team Project Advanced Courses The advanced courses provide students with a foundation in the cellular, molecular and genetic basis of human diseases, as well as strategies for diagnosis. In the last year of study, students are required to undertake a Final Year Project or the Biomedical Innovation Team Project. The Final Year Project constitutes a capstone experience for students, allowing them to integrate their knowledge and apply experimental and informatics skills to solve defined problems by research. The Biomedical Innovation Team Project provides a capstone experience for students, allowing them to integrate their knowledge in biomedical sciences with knowledge of business and marketing introduced in this course to translate biomedical research to viable products. Students are required to complete the following advanced courses: Plus any four of the following: ࠮ Medical Microbiology ࠮ Molecular Biology of the Cell ࠮ Mechanisms and Pathology of Diseases ࠮ Infection and Immunity ࠮ Biomechanics and Biomedical Technologies ࠮ Sequence Bioinformatics ࠮ Biopharmaceutical Research and Development ࠮ Emerging Infectious ࠮ Molecular Neuroscience ࠮ Biological Basis of Exercise and Health ࠮ Exercise and Chronic Disease Example courses: ࠮ Contemporary Topics in Biomedical Technology ࠮ Stem Cell Biotechnologies in Regenerative Medicine ࠮ Business Aspects of Biotechnology Minor in Biotechnology & Clinical Research Example courses: ࠮ Exercise Physiology ࠮ Biological Basis of Exercise and Health ࠮ Physical and Health Benefits of Exercise Minor in Kinesiology Example courses: ࠮ Cancer Biology ࠮ Genome Science ࠮ Public Health Genetics Minor in Genetics & Genomics Minor Options and Electives Students can plan their study with the remaining 90 credits in various manners. They may opt to take a minor and/or electives offered within the BBiomedSc curriculum or offered in other curricula. The minor options offered in the BBiomedSc curriculum include: 5