HKUMed UG Prospectus 2022

Career Prospects for Pharmacy Graduates For more information on admissions Professional Recognition The programme has been granted accreditation by the Pharmacy and Poisons Board of Hong Kong. Students who have completed a full-time pharmacy degree and one additional year of internship become qualified as registered pharmacists in Hong Kong. Future Studies Graduates can consider a taught Master of Advanced Pharmacy programme or pursue academic pharmacy through research postgraduate study. ࠮ Pharmacy Education (training pharmacist and pharmacy technicians) ࠮ Scientific Research ࠮ Health Promotion ࠮ Knowledge Transfer Universities, Higher Education Institutes Academia / Research ࠮ Community Pharmacist ࠮ Primary Care ࠮ Business Management ࠮ Locum Chain and Independent Pharmacies Community Pharmacy ࠮ Manufacture and Supply ࠮ Quality Assurance (QA) ࠮ Drug Research and Development (R&D) ࠮ Regulatory Affairs ࠮ Business Development ࠮ Medical Information ࠮ Sales and Marketing ࠮ Pharmacovigilance ࠮ Clinical Trial Local Manufacturers, Multinational Corporation Pharmaceutical Industry ࠮ Dispensing ࠮ Pharmacy Intravenous Admixture Service (PIVAS) ࠮ Clinical / Specialist Pharmacist (e.g. Paediatrics, Oncology) ࠮ Radiopharmacy ࠮ Medical Information ࠮ Information Technology ࠮ Clinical Trial ࠮ Drug Procurement Hospital Authority, Private Hospitals Hospital ࠮ Policy Planning ࠮ Pharmacovigilance ࠮ Inspection ࠮ Drug Registration ࠮ Clinical Service ࠮ Public Health Department Of Health / Drug Office ࠮ Medical Writer / Editor ࠮ Veterinary Pharmacist ࠮ Non-Profit Organisation (e.g. visiting pharmacist in elderly homes, healthcare project coordination) ࠮ Further Study (e.g. PhD, Medical Degree) Others 12