HKUMed UG Prospectus 2022

Programme Overview The BChinMed curriculum is a six-year programme, including the clinical clerkship in Year 6 undertaken in Mainland China. The curriculum is made up of the following components: Programme Aims and Objectives The aim of the Bachelor of Chinese Medicine (BChinMed) programme is to nurture a new generation of Chinese Medicine professionals who are well equipped with knowledge in Chinese Medicine and biomedical sciences and are competent in clinical skills and life-long learning skills to provide excellent Chinese Medicine healthcare services to the community to foster the development of Chinese Medicine and integrative medicine in Hong Kong. ࠮ Chinese Medicine Foundation Courses ࠮ Chinese Medicine Classical Texts Courses ࠮ Chinese Medicine Clinical Courses ࠮ Biomedical Sciences Courses (including Western medicine bedside training) ࠮ Disciplinary Elective Courses ࠮ Field Trip and Chinese Medicine Dispensary Practicum ࠮ Chinese Medicine Clinical Attachments, Junior Clerkship and Clinical Clerkship ࠮ Common Core Curriculum Courses ࠮ Language Enhancement Courses 2