HKUMed UG Prospectus 2022

#Best 5 based on the new HKU scoring system All students admitted to BNurs-ALT will be eligible for the Entrance and Academic Elite Scholarships at least for the 1st year (i.e. HK$63,100) subject to the “Senate maximum” for local UG students. Scholarships For more information on admissions Future Prospects Entrance and Academic Elite Scholarships in Nursing HKDSE students admitted to BNurs and BNurs-ALT Scholarship for the MNurs Articulation Pathway Scholarship covering full composition fee of MNurs will be offered to BNurs-ALT graduates with outstanding academic performance. Obtained a HKDSE score of 28—30.5(Best 5)# Award of under the Entrance Scholarship HK$10,000 Obtained a HKDSE score of 31or above (Best 5)# OR Qualify for the Academic Elite Scholarship from the 2nd to the 5th year of study upon achieving outstanding academic performance. Award of under the Entrance Scholarship HK$21,000 Total awarded value up to maximum of HK$231,500 HK$42,100 Academic Elite Scholarship (equivalent to the full composition fee of the first year of study) award of Competent and Transferable Skills Graduates are equipped with practical clinical skills and will be able to translate evidence-based theories into practice. Professional Recognition Graduates who have satisfactorily completed all programme requirements will be eligible for direct registration as registered nurses with the Nursing Council of Hong Kong. Global Leadership Graduates are trained with global leadership traits and will be able to work effectively across multidisciplinary teams around the world. Extensive Networks Graduates will gain an extensive professional network via clinical practicum from community centres and clinics to comprehensive teaching hospitals; and via research attachments and personal mentors. 12