HKUMed UG Prospectus 2022

Leadership Development Programme Students wi l l be able to acqui re unique leadership ski l ls and exper ient ial learning opportuni t ies in thei r study journey in nursing. Personal Mentors Throughout the Course of Study Students will be assigned a designated professoriate staff and an experienced nurse leader as personal mentors, who provide advice and guidance throughout the BNurs–ALT study. Students can learn from the great minds, expand their personal networks and broaden their horizons. Two Articulation Pathways BNurs–ALT is the first and only nursing track in Hong Kong that offers two articulation pathways*: * Subject to the fulfilment of MNurs/MBBS programme entry requirements. BNurs with first class honours and HKDSE “Chemistry” or “Combined Science (Chemistry)” are required for the MBBS articulation pathway. Articulation to Master of Nursing (MNurs) Students shall be admitted to 1-year part-time MNurs study, upon successful completion of the 5-year BNurs–ALT, and shall be able to OBTAIN ONE BACHELOR’S DEGREE AND ONE MASTER’S DEGREE IN NURSING IN 6 YEARS. 01 Articulation to Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) Students shall be admitted directly to HKU MBBS Year 2 and exempted from the Year 3 enrichment year requirement, upon successful completion of the 5-year BNurs–ALT degree with first class honours, and shall be able to OBTAIN TWO PROFESSIONAL DEGREES IN 9 YEARS. 02 Prospect: Advanced & Specialised Nurse Prospect: Nurse-physician 10