HKUMed UG Prospectus 2022

“I did a research attachment at Cancer Research UK, Cambridge. I believe that doctors are lifelong learners, and gaining experience with bioinformatics research can give rise to new ways of thinking about biology.” Chan Yu Kiu Elkie 9LZLHYJO ([[HJOTLU[ -LH[\YL 0U[LNYH[PVU MVY ,HYS` :[HNL *HUJLY +L[LJ[PVU! ;YPTTLYZ HUK (SPNULYZ MVY [OL -YHNTLU[VTPJZ VM J[+5( <UP]LYZP[` VM *HTIYPKNL <2 “I spent one semester in my hometown serving with a local Christian counselling centre with financially disadvantaged children from broken and single-parent families. Never have I realised that vulnerable people lived in such proximity to me. This experience left me with an enriched worldview of medicine and humanity, motivating me to be more compassionate in connecting with others, especially my future patients.” Lau Hui En :LY]PJL /\THUP[HYPHU >VYR 0U[LYUZOPW H[ 9PNO[ 7H[O ;YHPUPUN :LY]PJLZ 4HSH`ZPH “I decided to take up a service project in the mainland China during EY to pursue something beyond medical knowledge, aiming at fostering my own personal growth and to become more independent, mature and empathetic. The Enrichment Year allowed me to become not only a better doctor in the future, but also a better person in a holistic way.” Xiao Ailin :LY]PJL /\THUP[HYPHU >VYR 0U[LYUZOPW H[ 4LKPJHYL 9LZV\YJLZ 3[K *OPUH “With little exposure to Pathology during our pre-clinical years, the Enrichment Year has presented an amazing opportunity for me to discover topics of pathology that have not been disclosed to us in earlier years of our medical school journey. With the progression through medical school, I hope to continue my participation in research and its related activities.” So Zi Qing Valerie 0U[LYJHSH[PVU 4HZ[LY VM 9LZLHYJO PU 4LKPJPUL H[ /2< /VUN 2VUN “The EY has been an amazing year! The intercalated BSc degree at the University of Bristol has equipped me with the requisite knowledge, research skills, and statistical literacy to become future clinician-scientists in the era of Evidence-Based Medicine. It is my privilege to be taught by the top academic scholars in Bristol, and I also benefit a lot from working with other high calibre students from across the world.” Tsang Christopher Tze Wei 0U[LYJHSH[PVU 0U[LYJHSH[LK KLNYLL H[ <UP]LYZP[` VM )YPZ[VS <2 “The Research Attachment experience at the Department of Ophthalmology, HKU, not only provided a precious opportunity for me to learn more about ophthalmology but also helped to prepare myself for the clinical years and be a clinical practitioner in the future.” Lam Pui Ming 9LZLHYJO ([[HJOTLU[ 3VUN ;LYT 6WO[OHSTPJ *VTWSPJH[PVUZ HUK =PZPVU YLSH[LK 8\HSP[` VM 3PML HM[LY (SSVNLULPJ Haematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation at Department of Ophthalmology, HKU, Hong Kong 13