HKUMed UG Prospectus 2022

Enrichment Scholarships Enrichment Scholarships aim to support students’ participation in service and humanitarian work, research attachments, exchange programmes or experiential learning activities. The value of scholarship is based on a student’s academic merit and financial need. The learning value, duration, location of the activity and other factors will also be taken into account. Entrance Scholarships Upon admission to HKUMed, a wide range of Entrance Scholarships are offered to students with outstanding results in open examinations and to degree holders with excellent academic performance. To promote equal learning opportunities, underprivileged students could be supported by Springboard Scholarships schemes. These schemes are often renewable annually within the normative study period, subject to satisfactory academic performance. Prizes Every year, a number of prizes are offered to students at HKUMed, in recognition of their academic excellence and community engagement. Prizes are often awarded based on students’ exceptional performance in course assignments, essay writings, assessments, competitions, etc. Financial Aid Students in need of financial assistance to help cover the costs of their university education will find a number of options available to them. The University offers loans and bursaries for needy students supplemental to the Government Loans and Grants, while HKUMed provides emergency loans to students under special circumstances. A total amount of HK$22,000,000+ awarded 1400+ Scholarships and prizes awarded 180+ Schemes designated for HKUMed students Financial Support for Higher Dreams Scholarships and prizes are awarded to students as a reward for outstanding academic achievement, providing students with financial aid for covering cost of tuition, accommodation, enrichment activity and/or other expenses in university life. Students with financial difficulties are supported to pursue their studies and expand their ambitions. All of this is made possible with the generous support from a large number of patrons and distinguished graduates. 12