State of the Faculty Address 2021

3 First, the Faculty Administration Wing on Tang Court, eponymously named after one of my predecessors Professor Grace Tang’s family, was just commissioned this September along with extension and improvement works in the William Mong Building at 21 Sassoon Road. The Schools of Nursing and Chinese Medicine are getting ready to move into 3 Sassoon Road during the coming summer. Our research team leaders have been busily working with architects to put the finishing touches on detailed 1:50 design plans for the University Block at Grantham Hospital that is slated for completion by the end of 2024. At around the same time, the first of two new clinical training and amenities buildings, incorporating student residential places, will be ready for occupation. Finally, to coincide with our 140th anniversary in 2027, the second clinical training and amenities building will be commissioned together with the green belt development along Pokfulam Road between 3 Sassoon Road and the Ebenezer School. With the support of Government that has been increasingly invested in innovation and technology development for Hong Kong’s future, our research footprints have spread beyond the Island to now include 5,000 sqm laboratory and other work space at the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park as well as 1,100 sqm at the Hong Kong Children’s Hospital. Altogether, we will have expanded from 40,000 sqm to 64,000 sqm, equivalent to more than a 50% increase of net operating floor area. Having secured our space needs in situ for the Pokfulam campus and in Hong Kong generally, at least for the medium term, we cast our sight to the other side of the Shenzhen River. Building dreams