State of the Faculty Address 2021

9 On recognising impact by unsung heroes, there were a few most worthy of honourable mention that is two decades overdue. They had absolutely enabled the headline success of our own professors who have been recognised by the Gairdner and Future Science awards for discovering the SARS coronavirus back in 2003. At the risk of being invidious and non-exhaustive, they include our longtime HKUMed colleagues Dr Chan Kwok-hung (Microbiology), Professors John Nicholls (Pathology) and Leo Poon ( Public Health), Drs Wilina Lim at the Department of Health and Dominic Tsang (Medic 1984) at the Hospital Authority who anchored the first response in the public sector, and individual clinicians looking after the very earliest patients at Kwong Wah Hospital such as Dr Wilson Yee who was the attending physician, Dr Ko Kai-ming (Medic 1975) who carried out the first open lung biopsy despite grave personal risks, Dr Elaine Gwi who arranged for the sample to be shared, and Professor John Chan (Medic 1981) who provided corroborating evidence by electron microscopy. 1. Dr Chan Kwok-hung ( Microbiology) 2. Professor John Nicholls ( Pathology) 3. Professor Leo Poon Lit-man ( Public Health ) 4. Dr Wilina Lim 5. Dr Dominic Tsang (Medic 1984) 6. Dr Wilson Yee 7. Dr Ko Kai-ming ( Medic 1975) 8. Dr Elaine Gwi 9. Professor John Chan Kwok-cheung ( Medic 1981) 1 4 8 2 5 7 3 6 9