The Dean's Letter by Professor Chak-sing Lau | November 2022

We also need to consider our clinical services for both teaching and research – both students and researchers need access to more patients and a wider range of diseases. This year we formalised our clinical affiliation with the Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital Medical Group in clinical services, teaching and research, adding to our long-term clinical partnerships with Queen Mary Hospital, Grantham Hospital, Gleneagles Hospital and the HKU-SZH. Let me single out HKU-SZH, which has been a feather in the cap for HKUMed. Last year, it became one of 14 high-quality experimental hospitals nationwide named by the central government to lead the country in developing innovative new treatments, providing green healthcare, and treating the most serious illnesses. This is a remarkable achievement for a hospital that only celebrated its 10th anniversary this year! The HKU-SZH is also expanding. By 2025, a research block and additional 1,000-bed clinical block will open, which will also benefit HKUMed. HKU-SZH should also be seen in the context of the greater opportunities opening up as Hong Kong becomes more integrated with the GBA. I’m sure there will be further developments there in the next few years that create new avenues for study and research for our Faculty members. 12