The Faculty has been ramping up its capacity in recent years to ensure our graduates can serve the needs of the Hong Kong population, and to widen our research agenda. The new HKU Eye Centre exemplifies our success in these pursuits. Hong Kong urgently needs more doctors trained in treating conditions of the eye. The city already has a disreputably long waiting period for cataract operations, averaging four years, and this will be exacerbated as the population continues to age. HKUMed’s e�orts to provide focused training and research in this field has, until now, been limited by the fact that our Department of Ophthalmology has been spread across several locations, which has led to a duplication of manpower and equipment, lower e�ciency and limited capacity to expand. In one fell swoop, the HKU Eye Centre is a game-changer. Sta�ng, equipment and expertise are now centralised, which not only improves e�ciency but also generates synergies. It also makes it far easier to provide our students with access to state-of-the-art teaching innovations, such as tele-ophthalmic care, high-fidelity ophthalmoscope simulation and surgical teaching using 3D displays. This will ensure graduates have more exposure and insights to conditions of the eye. The Centre will also serve as a regional hub for advancing research and innovation in clinical ophthalmology and vision sciences, building on the high academic standards that run across the Faculty. HKUMed was named one of the world’s top 20 medical schools in the 2022 Times Higher Education (THE) ‘clinical and health’ rankings. HKU Eye Centre is a welcome and much-needed addition to our clinical capacity. Such a milestone achievement not only provides an essential service to the community, but lays the groundwork for future impact in Hong Kong and the region. Gabriel Leung Dean of Medicine 港大醫學院近年不斷提升實力,確保畢業生能夠 滿足香港人對醫療服務的需求,並擴充研究範疇。 新成立的香港大學眼科中心正是達成這些目標的 佼佼者。 香港迫切需要更多接受過眼科治療培訓的醫生。 眾所周知,本港的白內障手術等候時間很長,平 均長達四年,並將隨著人口持續老化而進一步加 劇。迄今為止,港大醫學院在提供眼科重點培訓 和研究的努力一直受到各種限制:我們的眼科學 系分布在多個地點,導致人手及設備重疊、效率 降低,亦難於擴充。 香港大學眼科中心的成立,瞬間就改變了局面。 此後,人手、設備和專業知識都得以集中,不僅 可提高效率,更可產生協同效應。同時,我們的 學生更容易受惠於最先進的教學創新,例如遠程 眼科護理、高擬真度檢眼鏡模擬及3D顯示器手術 教學等,以加強畢業生對眼睛狀況的認識和了解。 此外,香港大學眼科中心將會成為推動臨床眼科 及視覺科學研究與創新的地區樞紐,在港大醫學 院高學術水平的基礎上持續邁進。港大醫學院在 2022年泰晤士高等教育的「臨床與健康」排名中 獲評為世界排名首20位的醫學院之一。 香港大學眼科中心及時滿足了我們提升臨床實力 的需求,是一項令人欣喜的里程碑,不僅為社區 提供不可或缺的服務,更為日後在本港及亞太地 區作貢獻奠定基礎。 梁卓偉教授 醫學院院長 3 HKU Eye Center Inaugural Report The University of Hong Kong 院長序言