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The University of Hong Kong "Stanley Ho Alumni Challenge"

Dr Stanley Ho has recently announced his pledge of HK$500 million to his alma mater, The University of Hong Kong, to establish the "Stanley Ho Alumni Challenge". Dr Ho will match dollar-to-dollar any donations made to the University by its alumni up to a sum of HK$100 million a year for five consecutive years. You may wish to know that all matching grants will be released to the respective faculty/department where donations are earmarked for such designations. Therefore you are strongly encouraged to grab this opportunity to make a donation to the Medical Faculty so as to multiply the impact in supporting the Faculty’s development and academic excellence.

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A Tribute to Dr Li Shu Pui (李樹培), MBBS 1928

By Professor CH Leong, MBBS 1962

Dr Li Shu Pui passed away peacefully in the hospital he founded on August 31, 2005. He was 103. Yet Dr Li was not no ordinary centurion.

In bidding farewell to him, we also pay tribute to this great man - the grand old man of Hong Kong - a loving husband, a devoted father, a caring doctor, a concern employer, a determined health care builder, an uncompromising philanthropist, a visionary educator and an unreserved supporter of society at large.

Graduated as a medical practitioner, trained as a surgeon, and excelled in the domain of the Ear, Nose and Throat, Dr Li’s work and contributions span many areas and sees no boundaries - most, far beyond the call of the duty of a medical personnel. Together with his beloved brother, Dr Li Shu Fan, they built the Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hospital, initially a convalescent home with some 20 beds in the swamps of Happy Valley, to now under Dr Li, a 430 bed comprehensive state-of-the-art hospital standing proudly as one of the best, if not the best private hospital in Hong Kong.

Dr Li believed that the future of medical practice hinges on enhancing education to medical students and postgraduate doctors alike.

The Medical Faculty had found a way to Dr Li's heart. He contributed extensively to the Faculty. Today, many of the facilities in the Faculty bear his name as a fond witness of his philanthropy.

It is my greatest honour to have a chance to recall the contributions of this grand old giant of the medical fraternity, a man who possess all the core values of the time honoured Chinese culture: integrity; frugality; modesty; comity; honesty and trustworthy.

Dr Li is undoubtedly a man for all seasons. He will always be a model for all, young and old, an icon we will all aspire, a man who stands for courage and commitment, of challenges and successes.

In Memory of Professor Ho Hung Chiu John (何鴻超), MBBS 1940

By Professor JST Sham, MBBS 1980

Professor Ho Hung Chiu, John, fondly known as Father of Radiology and Oncology in Hong Kong, passed away in peace on August 10, 2005.

Professor Ho has served as honorary teacher in radiology and oncology at the University since 1950’s, and he was appointed Honorary Clinical Professor in 1983. Professor Ho was an internationally recognized expert on nasopharyngeal cancer (NPC). His research on NPC contributed greatly to the understanding and treatment of this previously deadly cancer. In our Faculty, colleagues in the Departments of
Microbiology, Surgery, Pathology, and Clinical Oncology have followed his footsteps, and continued to maintain Hong Kong’s name in the international arena of NPC treatment and research. Professor Ho was a legendary figure in local medical field. He steered and nurtured the development of radiology, and oncology in the public sector for more than 3 decades when he retired from public service in 1985. In close collaboration with the Royal College of Radiologists of United Kingdom, Professor Ho spearheaded the development of the discipline of Clinical Oncology: from the use of single modality of radiotherapy to a multi-disciplinary approach using chemotherapy, radiotherapy, biological therapy, and palliative care for comprehensive non-surgical management of cancer. The Hong Kong College of Radiologists picked up this long time relationship with the Royal College of Radiologists, and continues the training of Clinical Oncologists in Hong Kong for the decades to come.

Professor Ho has left a legacy of combining basic research with clinical research, combining science with humanity in clinical practice, in addition to the fields of Clinical Oncology and Radiology. Generations of patients will benefit from the legacy of Professor Ho for many years to come.

In Memory of Dr T.C. Pang (彭定祥), MBBS 1941

By members of MBBS 1970

Founder of the police laboratory dedicated to the detection of crime in 1949 and of Forensic Medicine in HKU, passed away peacefully on October 30, 2005 in Toronto.

A celebrated trainee of the late Professor Sir Sydney Smith, Dr Pang had been pivotal in formalizing the education programme of forensic medicine at HKU. Teaching had continued to be a passion of his for over 25 years. His animated lectures had been legendary.

He played a significant role in the shaping of the forensic medical practice in Hong Kong and in the moulding of forensic concepts in the local medical community. However his academic achievements pale in face of his charisma, integrity and wisdom.

Dr Pang lived a full life, and will be remembered fondly by all, among whom are the medical graduates of 1970.

President Professor Lee Kin-hung awarded Honorary Fellowship by OUHK and HKCOG

Professor Kin-hung Lee (李健鴻), President of the HKUMAA, was conferred Honorary University Fellowship by The Open University of Hong Kong (OUHK) on November 6, 2005. Prof Lee is a past President of the Hong Kong Medical Association, and has served as a Council Member for more than two decades. He is also a long-standing member of the Medical Council of Hong Kong, in addition to being a past Chairman. In 2004, Prof Lee was elected a Member of the Standing Committee of the Convocation and the Court of the University of Hong Kong, his alma mater. He was awarded an Honorary Fellowship by the Hong Kong College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists in June this year. The OUHK has described Prof Lee as "an ardent supporter of education, who believes that education has a vital role to play in the advancement of society".

Alumni Dr Donald Li and Dr Emily Chan obtained international honours

Dr Donald Kwok-tung Li (李國棟, Medic 1980) has been conferred Honorary Fellowship by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) for his distinguished contributions in strengthening relationships between RACGP and the Hong Kong College of Family Physicians (HKCFP).

Dr Emily Ying-yang Chan (陳英凝, Medic 2000) has been named as one of the 2005 Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the World by Junior Chamber International (JCI), under the category of humanitarian and/or voluntary leadership. Dr Chan has been President of the Médecins Sans Frontières, Hong Kong since 2001, and she received the Ten Outstanding Young Persons Award by the JCI Hong Kong in 2004

Change of Dates for 'Membership Year' of the HKUMAA

The Executive Committee of the HKUMAA has resolved to change the starting date of the 'membership year' from 1st July to 1st September, i.e. each membership year will start from 1st September and end on 31st August of the following year. Existing annual membership subscriptions due to expire on 30th June 2006 will be adjusted to end on 31st August 2006 automatically. The purpose of this change is to facilitate administrative arrangements to prepare for the Annual General Meetings.

The 5th Annual General Meeting

The 5th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of HKUMAA was held on 14th July 2005 at the Alumni Chamber of the Faculty building. President Professor Lee Kin-hung presented the annual report in the meeting which gave an account of the events held by HKUMAA in the past year, including the first Medical Alumni Day held on 17th April. Dr Mak Hoi-hung Michael, Dr So Pik-han Kathleen and Professor Wong Ling-chui Rosamond were elected as new Executive Committee members for the term 2005 -2008.Professor Lee expressed his gratitude to retired Executive Committee member Dr Wu Wai-yung Raymond for his contributions to the HKUMAA. Participants discussed potential means to increase membership and strengthen the HKUMAA. On the issue of naming of the Faculty of Medicine, members had a candid discussion and exchanged views with the Dean and Professor Cheng Kai-ming, Senior Advisor to Vice Chancellor, HKU

Executive Committee 2005/06

Professor LEE Kin-hung (李健鴻)
Professor CHOW Shew-ping (周肇平)
Professor LEUNG Nai-kong (梁乃江)
Honorary Secretary:
Professor CHAN Tak-mao Daniel (陳德茂)
Honorary Treasurer:
Dr LI Kwok-tung Donald (李國棟)
Professor CHAN Tai-kwong (陳棣光)
Dr CHONG Lai-yin (莊禮賢)
Professor FANG David (方津生)
Professor LEONG Che-hung Edward (梁智鴻)
Professor LEONG Chi-yan John (梁智仁)
Dr MAK Hoi-hung Michael (麥海雄)
Dr So Pik-han (蘇碧嫻)
Dr TSANG Sam-fung (曾三峰)
Professor WONG Ling-chui Rosamond (黃令翠)
Ex-officio (Dean):
Professor LAM Shiu-kum (林兆鑫)
(Immediate Past President):
Professor YOUNG Tse-tse Rosie (楊紫芝)
Professor TSUI Lap-chee (徐立之),
Vice-Chancellor, The University of Hong Kong

Dinner in honour of Professor York Chow on Feb 16, 2005

The University of Hong Kong Medical Alumni Association (HKUMAA) hosted a dinner gathering at the Alumni Chamber on February 16, 2005 in honour of Professor York Chow, Secretary for Health, Welfare and Food. Over 40 medic alumni and guests participated.

Following a welcoming address by Professor Kin-hung Lee, President of the HKUMAA, Professor Chow delivered a speech on the topic "The Medical Scene as I see it in 2010". In his lecture, Professor Chow gave the audience a preview of his vision on the development of medical and health service in Hong Kong, and analyzed the challenges ahead of us. He foresaw advancements in improved matching of resources to the needy areas, better community outreach, a closer link between individual citizens and their family doctors, clearer career path for young doctors, and cooperation between public and private institutes in providing professional training.

Professor Chow¡¦s inspiring speech and his apt sense of humour captivated the audience, and his vision won much applause. A souvenir from the HKUMAA was presented by our Vice-Chancellor Professor Lap-Chee Tsui to Professor Chow, following which the participants enjoyed their dinner.

Dinner in Honour of Professor Yuet-wai Kan

Medic alumnus Professor Yuet-wai Kan (簡悅威) (MBBS 1958), world-renowned haematologist, has been awarded the Shaw Prize in Life Science and Medicine. The HKUMAA hosted a dinner gathering at the Alumni Chamber on 8th September 2004 in honour of Professor Kan for this prestigious achievement. Nearly 40 medic alumni participated. Following the welcoming address by Professor Kin-hung Lee, President of the HKUMAA, Professor Kan delivered an interesting talk on "My enjoyments in life, other than research". Members were given to understand that, apart from his pioneering research in molecular medicine, Professor Kan and his family lived a relatively simple and leisurely life. While Professor Kan enjoyed the 'vineyard' in his garden, he jokingly denied the rumour that he brewed. On behalf of the HKUMAA, the former and founding President Professor Rosie Young presented a souvenir to Professor Kan, and she recounted an amusing anecdote, describing how Professor Kan had once inadvertently subjected himself to the effect of excessive alcohol. Professor Kin-hung Lee, having been a classmate of Professor Kan during both secondary school and undergraduate days, also shared his fond memories. [Photo gallery]

Visit to the medic alumni in the United Kingdom
Professor Rosie Young visited the United Kingdom to attend the International Joint Function held in July 2004, and she shared with us her fruitful trip as follows:

"The Hong Kong University Alumni Association (United Kingdom Chapter) organized a reunion for all the alumni on 2nd and 3rd July 2004 in London. It also included a day visit to Oxford and Stratford on Avon and two dinner gatherings. The official University representatives were Professor K. M. Cheng, Senior Advisor to the Vice-Chancellor and Ms Bernadette Tsui, Director of the Development and Alumni Affairs Office. I thought this would be an excellent opportunity for me to meet our medical alumni in the United Kingdom and those who flew over from other parts of the world for this function. The welcome dinner was very well attended and I met Professor David Todd, Professor Ho-Kei Ma, Dr. Paul Yu and his wife, Dr. Catherine Ng, all of whom are now enjoying their retirement in the United Kingdom. In addition, Dr. Gordon Low from Melbourne and Dr. Yu Yan and his wife Dr. Connie Siu from Vancouver were also there. There were of course many graduates from other faculties. I was surprised to learn that though away from Hong Kong for so long they had kept in close touch with the developments in the University and recent changes in our Faculty. Much credit should be given to the Convocation News, the Medical Faculty News and the website, which have proven to be highly effective means of bringing our alumni together.

After the reunion I took a day off to visit my old College, Newnham College, as well as Professor Todd at his home in Cambridge. David took me to lunch at Robinson College, which involved a walk through the beautiful gardens of King's College and a stroll along the romantic shores of the River Cam. We parted after high tea at the University Senior Common Room. David is as healthy physically and alert mentally as the day he retired in mid 1997. The serene life in Cambridge and the cultural activities in London must have delayed the physiological process of aging.

I would like to share with you a photograph taken near the London Eye when the three of us, Professor David Todd, Mrs. Ellie Alleyne (former Registrar of the University) and myself were on our way to the Welcome dinner."

The 4th Annual General Meeting and new Office Bearers

The 4th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of HKUMAA was held on 15th June 2004 at the Alumni Chamber of the Faculty building. After serving two consecutive terms, our Founding President Professor Rosie Young and Vice Presidents Professor Chan Tai-kwong and Dr Chiu Shin-chak retired from their respective posts. The meeting passed a vote of thanks to the retiring and founding President Professor Rosie Young for her invaluable contribution to medic alumni.

Members of the new Executive Committee include:

Executive Committee 2004/05


Dr Lee Kin-hung (李健鴻)


Professor Chow Shew-ping (周肇平)
Professor Leung Nai-kong (梁乃江)

Honorary Secretary:

Professor Chan Tak-mao Daniel (陳德茂)

Honorary Treasurer:

Dr Li Kwok-tung Donald (李國棟)


Professor Chan Tai-kwong (陳棣光)
Dr Chong Lai-yin (莊禮賢)
Professor Fang David (方津生)
Professor Leong Che-hung Edward (梁智鴻)
Professor Leong Chi-yan John (梁智仁)
Dr Mak Hoi-hung (麥海雄)
Dr Tsang Sam-fung (曾三峰)
Professor Wong Ling-chui Rosamond (黃令翠)
Dr Wu Wai-yung Raymond (鄔維庸)

Ex-officio (Dean):

Professor Lam Shiu-kum (林兆鑫)

Ex-officio (Immediate Past President):

Professor Young Tse-tse Rosie (楊紫芝)

Inaugural Winner of the Shaw Prize - Professor Yuet-wai Kan
Medic alumnus Professor Kan Yuet-wai (簡悅威) (MBBS 1958), world-famous haematologist, has been awarded the Shaw Prize. Professor Kan, currently professor at the Department of Laboratory Medicine at the University of California in San Francisco, has won international recognition for his pioneering role in molecular medicine research. The HKUMAA congratulates Professor Kan on this most appropriate honour in recognition of his scientific achievements.

The Shaw Prize is an international award managed and administered by The Shaw Prize Foundation based in Hong Kong. There are two prizes for Life Sciences and Medicine of the Shaw Prize. Professor Kan is one of the joint winners of the first prize, for his work on DNA polymorphism and his profound contributions on the study of human genetics. The other half of the prize goes to Stanley N. Cohen of Stanford University and Herbert W. Boyer of the University of California, San Francisco, for their work on DNA cloning and genetic engineering.

Opening of Alumni Chamber

The Opening Ceremony of Alumni Chamber has been held on March 26, 2004 (Friday). Over 80 alumni and members of HKU witnessed this historical event.
Professor Rosie Tse-tse Young, President of the University of Hong Kong Medical Alumni Association (HKUMAA), Professor Lap-Chee Tsui, Vice-Chancellor of HKU and Professor Shiu-kum Lam, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine were the officiating guests of honour. In her welcoming address, Professor Rosie Tse-tse Young thanked the overwhelming support to the fund-raising campaign from the medical alumni. Professor Lap-Chee Tsui praised the effort of HKUMAA in uniting the alumni. Professor Shiu-kum Lam, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine introduced the development and future plans of the Faculty. After the ribbon-cutting, the Master of Ceremony Professor TM Chan, Honorary Secretary of HKUMAA announced the Alumni Chamber officially opened.

Updates on Alumni Chamber

The fitting out works for the Alumni Chamber, located on the 7th floor of the Academic and Administration Block, Faculty of Medicine Building, is approaching completion. The President and Executive Committee wish to thank all alumni and donors, who have contributed to the success of the fund-raising campaign for this purpose. The efforts of our class coordinators are highly appreciated. A plaque will be put up at the entrance to the Alumni Chamber to acknowledge the contributions by individual classes.
The Faculty of Medicine Building Restaurant, which is adjacent to the Alumni Chamber, has started to operate in December 2003, and is open to the public. For security reasons an electronic card reader has been installed at the door so that only holders of the HKUMAA membership card can enter the Chamber. The HKUMAA is aware that some donors are not yet members of the Association, and is offering a discount towards Life Membership subscription for these donors. Individual donors have been informed of the detailed arrangement by mail.

President's visit to Australia and New Zealand

Last November, our President Professor Rosie Young (楊紫芝) visited Melbourne, Sydney, and Auckland, and met with the alumni in these cities. The biggest gathering was a dinner reception in Sydney. Most of our graduates are in active practice as specialists or family physicians but some are enjoying their retirement. They were all very keen to learn about the recent development of the University, the physical expansion of the Medical Faculty, and the achievements of our teachers in research. They spoke with great pride the discovery of the coronavirus by members of our Faculty. They were also fascinated by our magnificent new medical complex. A standing invitation is extended to them to visit our Medical Faculty, the Alumni floor, and the Alumni Chamber whenever they are in Hong Kong.

In memory of Professor GB Ong

We have sadly noted that Professor GB Ong passed away on January 10, 2004, after a long and courageous battle against cancer. Professor Ong was one of our most distinguished alumni. Many of us have been his students and colleagues. He was a pioneer in many fields of surgery, an innovative and dedicated researcher, an enthusiastic and enlightening teacher, and a compassionate doctor. His life and his deeds serve as a role model for all of us. One of his children, Dr Catherine Ong, is also our alumnus. We wish to extent to Professor Ong's family our most sincere condolences. Professor Ong will always live in our hearts.

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