About The Stem Cell AND Regenerative Medicine Consortium (SCRMC)

Traditional medicine is algorithm-based; drugs were largely discovered, not invented. Although many conventional therapeutic regimes prove to be effective, numerous incurable medical conditions remain and their treatments are palliative at best and not available at worst. Recent advances in the identification of various pluripotent and multipotent stem cell populations and biomedical sciences have enabled clinicians and researchers to pursue for the first time the revolutionary paradigm of Regenerative Medicine. The Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine Consortium (SCRMC) in the LKS Faculty of Medicine at HKU takes a multi-disciplinary approach by broadly integrating various existing unique strengths at HKU, novel medical concepts and state-of-the-art facilities to strategically focus on topics from basic stem cell biology to translational bench-to-bedside regenerative medicine. As a leading university, we promise to deliver significant academic, community and economic impacts, both regionally and internationally.


Looking at a red wood log? A cactus? It’s a HUMAN heart muscle cell engineered by our team in a culture dish all from scratch! A scientific fantasy years ago has now become a reality. Our team was the first in the world to generate genetically engineered human heart cells. These cells may one day help repair the damaged heart, making heart transplantation obsolete. We likewise have made human brain cells!


Human embryoid bodies (rounded structures) that contain ALL cell types of the body, including even the most specialized ones such as brain, heart, pancreatic, liver, blood cells, etc. These specialized cells can serve as the “building blocks” for curing untreatable diseases. Our scientists have genetically engineered them to express the green fluorescent protein for tracking their origin as donors after transplantation.