Bau Institute of Medical and Health Sciences Education (BIMHSE)
What is the most appropriate method for assessing student learning in medical humanities?
How should students use mobile devices during problem-based learning?

Major Research Areas

This theme focuses on both the theoretical and instructional bases of teaching and learning, such as PBL, e-learning, teaching large groups and facilitating small groups.

Curriculum design and development:
This theme focuses on (1) the formal, informal and hidden curriculum, (2) curriculum development and evaluation, and (3) humanities, professionalism, interprofessional learning, language education, anatomy education, etc.

Assessment and evaluation:
This theme focuses on (1) assessing learning, (2) evaluating teaching, and (3) quality assurance.

Postgraduate Admission Advisor
Dr L.K. Chan
Tel: 3917 9077
Fax: 2816 2293

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