HKU-Pasteur Research Pole
How do viruses invade, multiply and cause infection?
How do viruses withstand the immune response mounted by the infected organism?

Major Research Areas

  • Virus-host cells interactions.
  • Mapping molecular determinants that enable transmission and replication of animal influenza viruses in humans.
  • Identification of molecular determinants of influenza virus pathogenesis.
  • Identification of host factors contributing to virus assembly and budding.
  • System biology of host responses to influenza infection.
  • Innate immunity viral infection.

Contact Persons
Professor R. Bruzzone
Tel: 2831 5522

Dr S. Doak
Tel: 3917 9949

Dr S. Lee
Tel: 2831 5529

Dr C. Mok
Tel: 2831 5527

Dr S. Sanyal
Tel: 2831 5524

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