Why can HIV/AIDS not be cured by antiviral drug and immunotherapy treatment?
Can we discover vaccine-induced immune correlates for protection against HIV/AIDS?

Major Research Areas

  • HIV/AIDS vaccine and pathogenesis.
  • AIDS mucosal vaccine for the prevention of HIV sexual transmission.
  • Antigen targeting to dendritic cells as a novel AIDS vaccine design.
  • Engineering of recombinant neutralising monoclonal antibodies against HIV/AIDS.
  • Novel immunotherapy for the cure of HIV infection.
  • Mechanisms underlying HIV pathogenesis with focus on immune regulatory pathways.
  • HIV latency in cytomegalovirus infected human stem cells.
  • New drug discovery and small molecule microbicide for HIV prevention.
  • Understanding the evolution of the HIV epidemic in Hong Kong and in the region.
  • Elimination and cure of tumour by active vaccination.
  • Vaccine research for other infectious diseases and drug abuse.

Contact Person
Professor Z. Chen
Tel: 3917 9831
Email: zchenai@hku.hk

Molecular mechanism of Innate Immunity:
Investigation on host-pathogen interaction, specifically the host antiviral responses. Molecular mechanism of host defense signalling pathway in the context of influenza A virus (IAV) and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection.

Contact Person
Dr R.K.H. Kok
Tel: 39179093
Fax: 39179095
Email: khkok@hku.hk

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