The Faculty shares with other Faculties in the University the common goals of imparting knowledge to students through research. Every department/school in this Faculty therefore actively participates in the training of research postgraduate students for the Master of Philosophy (MPhil) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degrees. While pre-clinical departments conduct and supervise research mainly in laboratories, clinical departments conduct and supervise research in both laboratories and clinical settings. Research postgraduate students of the Faculty enjoy the benefits of working in state-of-the-art laboratories and technologically advanced core facilities.

The Faculty has been attracting high calibre candidates to enroll in its research postgraduate programmes. The programmes are not only popular among graduates in medicine and other healthcare profession, graduates in biological, biomedical, and health sciences. Graduates in physical sciences, engineering, computer sciences, and social sciences are also welcome to apply.

Degree Definitions

MPhil and PhD candidates are required to undertake research studies in a chosen field of study under supervision of at least one supervisor. The result of the research, presented in the form of a thesis, must be submitted for examination by the end of the prescribed period of study.

A successful MPhil thesis should represent the result of the candidate's research which displays some originality and demonstrates a sound understanding of the field of study and the appropriate research methods. A successful PhD thesis should represent the result of the candidate's research which should be an original contribution to knowledge and worthy of publication.