Dr CHEN Hansen (China)
PhD graduate 2016
Supervisor: Professor SHEN Jiangang
Current occupation: Postdoctoral Fellow in the School of
Chinese Medicine

Pursuing a PhD degree can be a long and tough journey, and HKU is a wonderful place to study. It offers professional supervision, generous studentships, advanced research facilities, abundant academic resources and leading international conferences. In addition, it enriches learning through opportunities for knowledge exchange and international collaboration. The Research Postgraduate Student Exchange Scheme enabled me to conduct research in an overseas institution and acquire knowledge and techniques complementary to those gained at HKU.


Ms Samantha CHEN (USA)
3rd year PhD student
Supervisor: Professor CHEN Zhiwei

Hong Kong culture is vastly different from anything I have experienced before. It was thus a life changing decision to pursue both my MPhil and PhD studies at The University of Hong Kong. The AIDS Institute at HKU provides me with the readily available resources and guidance I need to prosper in my candidacy, in terms of cultivating my independent research capability as well as ample opportunities to participate in international conferences. At HKU, I have enhanced my interpersonal skills and professional aptitudes, bringing me closer to achieving my aspirations.


Miss CHENG Yanhua (China)
2nd year PhD student
Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme scholar
Supervisor: Dr Susan LEUNG Wai-sum

Doing research in Hong Kong is an excellent experience. The University of Hong Kong provides advanced research facilities with expertise support. People are caring and always ready to offer positive advice. There are ample opportunities to exchange scientific ideas within and outside my research areas, for example through participating in the Departmental Journal Club and Laboratory Meeting. The University also brings in renowned speakers and experts to give talks and seminars, and provides support for students to attend international conferences, some held in Hong Kong. Being surrounded by international students and with green countryside and mountains close by, life in Hong Kong is full of rewards and colour.


Ms CHEUNG Nam-nam (The Netherlands)
4th year PhD student 
Supervisor: Dr Richard KAO Yi-tsun

The University of Hong Kong is one of the top fifty universities in the world and ranks among the best in Asia. Graduate students are able to work in an open research environment and have access to great academic resources. Hong Kong is a vibrant city where a unique mix of Eastern and Western cultures can be found. In addition, its convenient geographical location makes it a great hub from which to explore other parts of Asia.


Dr Ivonna FAN Ying (China)
PhD graduate 2015
Supervisor: Professor Roberto BRUZZONE
Current occupation: Technical Officer in HKU-Pasteur Research Pole

I first came to Hong Kong for the virology course organised by HKU-Pasteur Research Pole. I was so impressed by the research atmosphere and the opportunities to interact with leading scientists that I gave up my postgraduate studies in Beijing and moved to Hong Kong for PhD training, supported by an HKU Fellowship. It was the right decision for me, as the academic environment in Hong Kong nurtures independent minds, critical thinking and cooperation. It is also a dynamic city, where local traditions are enriched by multicultural influences. I am now ready to move overseas for postdoctoral work with a Medical Council Fellowship. 


Miss Shrestha GHOSH (India)
4th year PhD student
Supervisor: Professor ZHOU Zhongjun

My research experience at The University of Hong Kong has been highly enlightening. My research study is mainly focused on DNA damage repair pathways and their implications in the causation of premature aging. While working on this project my scientific outlook has broadened a lot. I think more critically and now know how to ask important questions. HKU offers excellent research facilities, with cutting edge high-tech instruments and support services. Overall, my research experience and journey to becoming a scientist have been an inspiration.


Dr Suranga KODITHUWAKKU (Sri Lanka)
PhD Graduate 2011
Supervisor: Professor William YEUNG Shu-biu
Current occupation: Senior Lecturer, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka

The world-class research environment and research culture at HKU equipped me well to face challenges and keep me informed on cutting edge research directions and technologies in the field of reproductive biology. My overall experience at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at HKU paved the way for me to establish my own research laboratory in my current university, and to collaborate with researchers at HKU. Five years on, the national and international grants we are securing are the best measure of the research culture at HKU.


3rd year PhD student
Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme scholar
Supervisor: Professor William LU Weijia

After working in the tech startup space for over 10 years in the USA, Hong Kong, and mainland China, I discovered a passion for designing medical devices. I began to search for a way to dig deep into the topic, with the goal of building companies focused on public health and well-being. I feel fortunate and grateful to have found a home at HKU, where I can collaborate with top-notch clinicians and engineers who share my entrepreneurial vision. Our work on new orthopaedic implants and instruments for patients with osteoporosis has served as the nucleus for building a new startup company, which I will run after my graduation next summer. Joining the PhD programme was one of the best career choices I have made.


Miss Katherine LAM Ka-wai
2nd year PhD student
University Postgraduate Fellowships Scheme scholar
Supervisor: Dr William LI Ho-cheung

Being a PhD student at The University of Hong Kong has offered me valuable opportunities to pursue my education and interest in nursing. During my research, I have developed a more comprehensive understanding of the needs of paediatric oncology patients. My PhD study guides and motivates me, and provides me directions to continue my research on these patients and other vulnerable groups. I am grateful to have been invited to participate in various exchange programmes and international conferences, to meet with overseas scholars and widen my horizons. All these precious experiences are enriching my PhD years.


Mr Stephen LAM Sze-yuen
(pictured left)
PhD/5th year MBBS student
Croucher Foundation MBBS/PhD award scholar
Supervisor: Professor Anskar LEUNG Yu-hung

The research experience during my intercalated MBBS/PhD programme in the Medical Faculty allowed me to temporarily leave my clinical studies and explore the fascinating world of scientific research. In the four years spent pursuing the PhD, I enjoyed the different processes involved - laboratory hands-on work; designing experiments; data analyses; discussion with peers and supervisors; data presentation in international conferences overseas; our regular journal club; manuscript preparation; and addressing reviewers' comments and critiques. The chance to make friends with similar science enthusiasts was another great reward from this journey.


Mr Jasper LAW Chi Sing
MPhil graduate 2015
Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme scholar
Supervisor: Professor Eric CHEN Yu-hai
Current Occupation: Research Assistant in CUHK

Doing an MPhil programme is a valuable life experience. As a student in the Department of Psychiatry, I benefited from rich intellectual stimulation and valuable clinical exposure. With the MPhil degree I can now embark on my career in clinical research. More importantly, through my studies I affirmed my commitment to research, and decision to pursue this passion. The encouragement to achieve such self-actualisation is what I found most appealing about HKU.


Mr LEUNG Man-hong
2nd year Joint PhD student (HKU and Imperial College London)
Supervisor: Professor KHOO Ui-soon

Hong Kong is a unique place where east meets west and old meets new. It is a lively city and an attractive place where locals and non-locals meet, interact and conduct research of world-class quality. HKU provides abundant academic resources and opportunities for researchers to collaborate across different disciplines and with international investigators. The joint PhD programme has broadened my horizon. I can experience the best in both Hong Kong as well as the collaborating university.


Ms Kathy LEUNG Sze-man
3rd year PhD student
Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme scholar
Supervisor: Dr Joseph WU Tsz-kei

I came to study in HKU as a fresh graduate in 2010 with little background in biostatistics and infectious disease modelling. Under the supervision of Dr Joseph Wu I have acquired extensive knowledge and experience in statistical inference and mathematical modelling, scientific writing, teaching and presentation practices. Recently, I started to work on developing statistical methods to estimate the transmission fitness of antiviral-resistant and vaccine-mismatched influenza strains. Dr Wu is always very patient and kind in guiding me through the research project.


Dr LI Chang-xian (China)
(pictured left)
PhD graduate 2016
Supervisor: Professor MAN Kwan
Current occupation: Surgeon, First Affiliated Hospital of
Nanjing Medical University

HKU’s Department of Surgery provides me with a wonderful research environment and international exposure. The experience of being taught by top-notch professors and cooperating with peers from around the world not only broadened my horizons, but also enriched my professional and personal development. From this research environment I have published 14 original articles in international journals and obtained four international awards in the past four years.


Miss LI Yan (China)
4th year PhD student
University Postgraduate Fellowships Scheme scholar
Supervisor: Professor SHAM Pak-chung

Hong Kong is a fun and dynamic city, where the culture and open-minded people accept and thrive on diversity. The University of Hong Kong has well-developed networks worldwide. I have had the wonderful opportunity to take part in an overseas exchange study programme to Harvard Medical School, which has broadened my horizons and allowed me to exchange ideas with experts in my field.


Miss QIU Qiu (China)
4th year PhD student
Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme scholar
Supervisor: Dr CHEUNG Chi-wai

Hong Kong is a marvellous place to live, work and study.  My experience at HKU has widened my horizons in pain research.  I have had many opportunities to present my work and exchange ideas with other researchers and clinicians in my field, internationally and locally.  By immersing myself in basic science I have developed the confidence to practice medicine in a more comprehensive manner.  Pursuing a PhD at HKU has been immensely rewarding.  I have thoroughly enjoyed my years here.


Dr Christopher SEE Yew-hong
4th year PhD student
Supervisor: Professor LAM Tai-pong

I pursued a challenging course of study in the inter-disciplinary field of medical education, to develop from a pure doctor into an educator as well. The Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine maintains a high standard of traditional education, but balances this with the use of new technologies such as e-learning platforms and MOOCs. This combination provides a rich environment for research and great opportunities for our students. Research here has allowed me to develop methodological robustness, whilst also adopting the mindset of an innovator. I believe that both are necessary to succeed in the 21st century workplace.


Ms SHEN Jiangshan (Canada)
2nd year PhD student
Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme scholar
Supervisor: Dr YANG Wanling

Hong Kong has been a vibrant city to live in. The countless people with diverse interests and great passions combine to make this city full of opportunities. I have met many people passionate about their work, who constantly challenge me to go beyond my current capacity. I am encouraged to think critically and dig deeper into my research questions, while keeping my mind open to new possibilities. The generous scholarship has also made it possible for me to focus on my studies without financial worries.


Miss SUN Wentao (China)
MPhil graduate, 2014
Supervisor: Dr James LI Chun-bong

Studying at HKU was an excellent opportunity for me to interact with other students and teachers from around the world. My supervisors taught me how to conduct a research project and shared their overseas experiences with me. With their knowledge in both Chinese and Western medicine, I could delineate the action of herbal medicine in a scientific way. This has helped me to understand the importance of the modernisation of Chinese medicine.  I am glad that I participated in this project and now look forward to seeing the translation of the drug I worked on to patient in near future.


Ms Nimisha VANDAN (India)
1st year PhD student
University Postgraduate Fellowships Scheme scholar
Supervisor: Dr Daniel FONG Yee-tak

HKU is truly a temple of learning with experienced and supportive teachers, and offers a tremendous wealth of learning resources. I have been provided with the freedom to think, plan and experiment with my ideas. My research is focused on the health situation of ethnic minority women in Hong Kong, which will give an insight into cross-culture care to healthcare system. HKU symbolises Hong Kong as the world city of Asia, with its vibrant and smart students and staff from all over the world. This makes HKU an enjoyable place to learn and grow.


Dr Robertus VERHOEVEN (The Netherlands)
PhD graduate 2016
Supervisor: Professor CHEN Honglin
Current occupation: Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Microbiology

Hong Kong is an exciting city where different cultures and ideas come together. Life here is fast-paced and allows you to discover Chinese culture while you still feel Western influences. It is also a perfect place for food lovers since this city has a deep-rooted appreciation for great food and offers a large variety of cuisines from all over the world. One of the most important ingredients of a successful PhD is a good supervisor, which I was able to find at The University of Hong Kong. This enabled me to lift my research skills to a new level, and to work in an independent manner.


Miss Francisca WONG Siu-yin
4th year PhD student
Supervisor: Dr Amy LO Cheuk-yin

Completing my PhD training in HKU is a challenging yet fruitful and enjoyable journey. HKU provides great support for personal and career development, and offers many exchange, conferencing and scholarship opportunities for post-graduate students. I have benefited from the well-established research network connecting scientists and clinical specialists from various faculties in local and overseas universities, which has given me the opportunity to work with top-notch scientists from different disciplines and cultures. I am very appreciative of the guidance, support and inspiration from my supervisors, collaborators and other lab members for making my learning and research so memorable. This experience greatly shaped my professional path as a biomedical engineer, and the person I am today.


Miss WU Dan (China)
4th year PhD student
Supervisor: Professor LAM Tai-pong

Life in Hong Kong is an inspiration. Here you can find people speaking all kinds of languages and enjoy a fusion of food from different parts of the world: rice cooked with hot cheese, coffee mixed with milk tea, fish balls marinated in curry, drinks made from traditional Chinese medicine - whatever you can think of. Most importantly, of course, The University of Hong Kong provides a fabulous platform for me to freely exchange ideas with the rest of the world, either academically with international scholars or personally with peers. Hong Kong is a place you will never regret being a part of.


Miss XIAN Zijun (China)
2nd year PhD student
Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme scholar
Supervisor: Professor GUAN Xin-yuan

Hong Kong, where east meets west, is an ideal place to live and study. It is a city where everyone can feel at home. Choosing The University of Hong Kong to pursue my PhD study has been one of the best decisions I ever made. HKU cultivates great minds and nurtures future scientists with its world-class research culture and facilities. In this university my dreams of contributing to new knowledge are coming true.


Mr XIAO Fan (China)
2nd year PhD student
University Postgraduate Fellowships Scheme scholar
Supervisor: Professor LU Liwei

It is so great to pursue my PhD degree at HKU. The excellent supervision and academic atmosphere really help my research studies. I have developed my research interest here and the experience will be of great importance in my career. I have met many excellent scientists and students, which has broadened my perspective and shaped my vision of current research. Not only did I gain knowledge at HKU, but also developed a spirit of dedication to improving human life.


Dr XIE Si (China)
PhD graduate, 2015
Supervisor: Dr QIAN Chengmin
Current occupation: Postdoctoral Fellow in the School of
Biomedical Sciences

When I embarked on my PhD, I felt like Alice standing outside the Wonderland without keys to the door. Fortunately, the guide and support from HKU constituted the magic that helped me to quickly overcome any barriers. Once I entered the new world of research, extraordinary perspectives on work and life opened before me. From the seeds sown in this environment, I have harvested deeply satisfying achievements, as well as the frustrations that have made me stronger. It has been a wonderful journey of discovery.


Miss Rachel YIU Sze-wan
2nd year MBBS/PhD student
The Croucher Foundation MBBS/PhD Scholarship and The Swire Scholarship Schemes scholar
Supervisor: Professor Paul TAM Kwong-hang

I feel grateful to be part of a highly disciplined team. The HKU Department of Surgery provides a collaborative environment where clinical applications and bench discoveries are seamlessly bridged and novel ideas flow alongside cutting-edge technologies. I am in awe of the sheer scale of samples that patients have donated, which is essential for the quality of our research.


Mr Oliver YUAN Hui (China)
3rd year PhD student
Supervisor: Professor KHONG Pek-lan

HKU is full of diversities, with a comprehensive support system to facilitate my research, which is wonderful. Academic support and advice from experts in various fields are widely available, which make the initiation of a cross-disciplinary research project less stressful. This support system has given me more confidence in areas of work and study that are totally new to me, such as clinical research involving complicated statistical analysis, translational research with its basic biological work, and molecular imaging that involves some radio-chemistry.


Dr Jane ZHAO Jie (China)
PhD graduate 2015
Supervisor: Dr C Mary SCHOOLING
Current occupation: Postdoctoral Fellow in the School of Public Health

I was very lucky to join the School of Public Health, HKU, as a PhD student. The learning experience has been a wonderful journey, and full of colour. The training not only taught me a variety of skills, but how to solve problems in a logical and rational way. I would like to give special thanks to my supervisor, Dr Mary Schooling, who has provided me with great support and guidance in my research path, and always inspires me to explore further. 


Mr ZHAO Lei (China)
4th year PhD student
Supervisor: Professor SHEN Jiangang

Hong Kong is one of the most fantastic urban centres in the world in which to live and learn. It is magnet for innovation and enhanced by numerous community projects and the vibrancy of its entertainment culture. HKU has evolved into a top research-intensive education powerhouse globally. Here we can enjoy a drink in a building that is more than 100 years old, lose track of time in the world-class library and sports facilities, and interact with academics to take our learning to the next level.