Bachelor of Chinese Medicine (BChinMed)

The Bachelor of Chinese Medicine (BChinMed) programme is a six-year, full-time degree programme. The programme aims to provide systematic and professional training for students to become competent Chinese Medicine Practitioners. Graduates will be able to provide Chinese Medicine services to the community and continue to modernise Chinese Medicine.

The main features of the curriculum include:

  • Chinese Medicine teachings supplemented with courses in Biomedical Sciences
  • Frequent and comprehensive clinical training
  • Broaden skills beyond professional training
  • Inculcate interests in scientific research
  • Trilingual medium of instruction

BChinMed students will spend their first five years on campus studying Chinese Medicine, modern biomedicine, and general education. They will be provided early clinical contact to foster their professional identity.

Students will have to undergo 320 hours of clinical attachments in outpatient practice under the supervision of experienced Chinese Medicine Practitioners. As part of their training, they will also complete medical case reports as arranged by the Chinese Medicine Clinical Centres for Teaching and Research affiliated with HKU.

Students will undertake a clinical clerkship in their sixth year at a first-tier TCM University affiliated teaching hospital in Mainland China. Field trips and Chinese Medicine dispensary practicums are offered to students to as part of their final year curriculum better.

Curriculum Structure

The BChinMed curriculum covers:

  • Chinese Medicine Foundation Courses;
  • Chinese Medicine Classical Texts Courses;
  • Chinese Medicine Clinical Courses;
  • Biomedical Sciences Courses (including western medicine bedside training);
  • Disciplinary Elective Courses;
  • Field Trip and Chinese Medicine Dispensary Practicum;
  • Chinese Medicine Clinical Attachments and Clinical Clerkship at Chinese Medicine hospitals to be arranged on the Mainland;
  • Common Core Curriculum Courses; and
  • Language Enhancement Courses.

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