The MBBS/PhD is a full-time combined programme extending over not less than nine years and leading to the award of both MBBS and PhD degrees upon graduation. If you are admitted into this programme, you will pursue full-time research under the supervision of Faculty teachers, and undertake coursework prescribed by the Graduate School and the Faculty, and you can attend optional clinical study sessions that are of your interest.

An exciting feature of this programme is that you can receive part of your training at internationally-renowned institutions overseas through the Faculty’s international network for research collaborations. HKUMed also has joint-PhD/joint educational placement for PhD programmes with King’s College London and the University of Toronto.

Starting from 2018-19, the HKSAR government has waived PhD composition fees for all local students. In addition, Croucher Foundation Scholarships are available for a maximum of three outstanding MBBS/PhD students each year to cover the monthly postgraduate studentships, research bench fees and allowances for overseas conference attendance and/or exchange. MBBS/PhD students not supported by the Croucher Foundation will still be awarded a monthly Postgraduate Scholarship by the University.

There are two pathways through which you can pursue the MBBS/PhD programme.

Transfer from MRes(Med) | Enter PhD before MBBS Year 4

If you undertake the intercalated MRes[Med] during your Enrichment Year, you can apply to transfer your candidature to the MBBS/PhD programme no later than the 8th month of the MRes[Med]. The time you spent on MRes[Med] would be counted towards the probationary period for your PhD study. After submitting your thesis in the last year of PhD study, you would then re-enter the MBBS programme in Year 4 and complete the remaining years up to Year 6. In a nutshell, this pathway involves two years of MBBS, one year of MRes[Med], three years of PhD, and three more years of MBBS, enabling you to earn the two degrees in 9 years.

Enrichment Year +
PhD +
2 years 1 year 3 years 3 years
Total: 9 years
Enter PhD between MBBS | Enter PhD before MBBS Year 5

Another pathway is to complete four years of MBBS, followed by three or four years of PhD, then the final two years of MBBS. To be qualified for this route, you would need to have: 1) good results in the MBBS I-IV Summative Examinations and 2) a Bachelor’s degree with 1st class honours or a Bachelor’s degree with honours, plus a taught Master’s degree (e.g. MSc) prior to admission to MBBS for 4-year PhD; or a research Master’s degree (MPhil) awarded prior to admission to MBBS for 3-year PhD. After submitting your PhD thesis, you would re-enter the MBBS programme and complete Years 5 and 6. The entire study period for the two degrees would be 9 or 10 years.

(including Enrichment Year)
PhD +
4 years 3–4 years 2 years
Total: 9/10 years

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