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The Role of Cytochrome P450 System in Pharmacomicrobiomics

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☒ MPhil/PhD ☑ MRes[Med] ☒ URIS
About the Project

Objective and Significance:

Gut microbiota plays an important role in drug metabolism. The outcome of such interaction can lead to decrease efficacy or increase toxicity of a drug. Our preliminary data show that nonabsorbable antibiotics affect CYP1A2 activity in liver. We speculate that alteration of gut microbiota can affect drug metabolism through intervention of hepatic CYP system. We will investigate the mechanism of how gut bacteria affect CYP1A2 and the potential clinical outcome.

Research Plan and Methodology:

We will investigate the alteration of gut microbiota after administration of the commonly used broad or narrow spectrum of antibiotics in mouse model, followed by the metagenomics and metabolomics analysis. Liver will be collected to examine the change of CYP450 monoxygenase protein and activity including CYP1A2 and the other major ones (e.g. CYP3A subfamily). Then, fecal microbiome transplantation will be performed to see if the unique gut microbiota will lead to change of drug metabolism of the common victim drugs (referring to drugs that are affected by the change of drug metabolism induced by the perpetrator drugs). The functional profile of gut microbiota will be evaluated by shotgun metagenomics. The metabolomics analysis will be performed to examine the potential interactions between bacterial-derived metabolites and drug metabolites.

About the Supervisor

Dr CWH Woo, Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacy


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