Current Students
Complimentary White / Lab Coat Laundry Service

The Faculty is pleased to launch a complimentary white / lab coat laundry service on a scheduled weekly basis to all full-time undergraduate students starting from 22 September 2020 (Tuesday). After considering students’ comments and logistic limitations, the arrangements in Laboratory Block is finalised and listed as follows:

Personalised Identifier on White / Lab Coat
  • A personalised identifier is a combination of study programme initial and partial of University number, which is unique to each student.
  • Format: Study programme initial + last 6 digits of university number
  • University number Study programme Personalised identifier
    MBBS M123456
    BNurs (full-time) N123456
    BPharm P123456
    BChinMed C123456
    BBiomedSc B123456
  • The personalised identifier must be clearly marked on the collar right above the brand tag of white coat.
  • The personalised identifier must be at least 2cm in height by writing with permanent marker; or by sewing; or by printing; or by other means, that will not damage other clothes during the laundry procedures.
    Example is set as follows:
  • A neat personalised identifier is essential for easy reading and sorting for pick-up.
  • The laundry contractor and the Faculty shall not process any white coat without a proper personalised identifier and will not be able to return it to the owner. 
Laundry Drop-off & Pick-up
  • Students are able to drop-off the white / lab coat at the collection point in Laboratory Block and pick-up at a designated location by programme during office hours:
  • Drop-off Location

    G/F Lift Lobby (near male washroom), Laboratory Block

    Pick-up Location MBBS I, II & III

    Faculty Office, 2/F, William MW Mong Block

    BNurs (full-time)

    School Reception Counter, 4/F, William MW Mong Block


    Department Office, Room 254, 2/F, Laboratory Block


    School Office, Room 377, 3/F, Laboratory Block


    School Office, Room LG1-07, LG/F, Estates Building

  • Exact dates / schedule of September to November service is available HERE.
  • Scheduled service is subject to change without prior notice in view of manpower limitation / bad weather / traffic condition, and/or other difficulties encountered by the laundry supplier and the Faculty.
  • Students should follow on-site instruction and drop-off white / lab coat(s) to designated laundry bag according to study programme / personalised identifier.
  • Except Faculty’s student white coat (with Faculty logo and “Student” embroideries) with personalised identifier, any other garments / items found in the laundry bags will be disposed of without prior notice. The laundry service supplier and the Faculty are not responsible for any loss or compensation.
  • White / lab coats dropped-off in one location will be picked-up from the designated location after laundry. Request of changing pick-up location/ transfer of white coat will not be entertained.
  • Students are required to exercise self-discipline and only pick-up their own white coat. Any unauthorised picking-up / stealing is prohibited and will lead to disciplinary penalty by the Faculty and/or the Police.
Agreement & Liability
  • As an optional and complimentary service, the laundry supplier and the Faculty are not responsible for any loss or damage of white coat caused directly or indirectly from the service.
  • Students are responsible to arrange / keep spare white / lab coat(s) for use in case of any delay of pick-up and/or loss of white / lab coat.
  • Faculty Office reserves the right to amend the arrangement subject to actual needs with or without prior notice to students.
  • At the time of using the laundry service, students are assumed agreement to the mentioned arrangements.

For further enquiries and feedbacks, please feel free to contact us at:

  • Student Affairs at HKUMed via:
  • Miss Stefani Lau | 3917 9484
  • Miss Jollie Yeung | 3917 9307
  • Mr Dante Lee | 3917 9838