Master of Philosophy and Doctor of Philosophy
MPhil & PhD Coursework Requirement

In addition to the Graduate School Core Course requirements (Core Course I and two elective modules of Core Course II), all MPhil and 4-year PhD candidates shall be required to complete three Research Postgraduate (RPg) courses of the Medical Faculty. At least two of them should be satisfactorily completed within the probationary period as follows:

  • 12 months for full-time MPhil and 18 months for part-time MPhil
  • 18 months for full-time 4-year PhD and 24 months for part-time 4-year PhD

The remaining RPg course can be taken after the probationary period and before thesis submission. Students who are interested in taking more RPg courses than the minimum specified requirement may contact the Faculty Office for further arrangement.

The coursework selection of each candidate shall be determined by the Departmental Research Postgraduate Committee, taking into account the views of the candidate and the supervisor(s).

MPhil candidates shall take courses immediately upon registration and should aim at completing all the courses within the first twelve months of the period of study. PhD candidates shall normally take courses immediately upon registration.

The coursework requirements must be fulfilled before a candidate is permitted to submit thesis.

A candidate who has not satisfied the examiners in respect of the coursework requirements at the first attempt shall be re-examined in the same, or an equivalent, course. A candidate who does not satisfy the examiners in such re-examination may be required to discontinue his or her studies.

Candidates may be allowed to change course selection within the first two weeks after the commencement of the course.