Current Students
Using the HKUMed Logo

Embodying the notion of clinical cleanliness and technological advancement in the medical world, the new identity is formed from a simple colour palette of black, white and silver. It maintains strong legibility in all scenarios large and small, making it easily applicable across both print and digital usage. 

It is understandable that the Faculty’s name and logo will be used extensively and under different circumstances. To ensure consistency in the use of the Faculty’s identity, you are advised to cross-check all types of official logo applications with the Faculty’s Strategic Communications Team via

Visual Identity

The HKU LKS Faculty of Medicine visual identity is composed of three elements:

  • the HKU Badge
  • the Acronym (“HKUMed”)
  • the bilingual Logotype (“LKS Faculty of Medicine, The University of Hong Kong 香港大學李嘉誠醫學院”)
Primary Signature

The primary signature is the HKU Shield with Acronym and Logotype is used only in the horizontal lock-up.

Secondary Signatures

When the primary signature is not practical for your graphic requirements, a secondary signature can be used. The secondary signatures are the HKU Shield with Acronym or Acronym only.

Logo Clearspace

To maintain visual clarity and to provide maximum impact, the signature must never appear to be linked to or crowded by copy, photographs or graphic elements.

For small applications

For certain applications such as name cards (90mm × 55mm) and other smaller applications the minimum clear space can be reduced to 4mm around the signature.

Incorrect Usage

To maintain HKUMed’s identity and integrity, the signature must always be used in its approved form and proportion. It should never be re-created or modified.

Also, it is only to be used in Black (when placed on a light-coloured background) or white (when placed on a dark-coloured background).

✖ Do not use Shield & Logotype only

✖ Do not use Acronym & Logotype only

✖ Do not change the colours

✖ Do not add drop shadow

✖ Do not rotate

✖ Do not add gradient

✖ Do not distort

✖ Do not outline

✖ Do not recreate

✔ Maintain legibility

Application for Use of Faculty Logo

If you need the HKUMed logos for official use (e.g. publicity, presentation to external parties, research paper, etc.), please fill in the application form here to get the high-resolution logo file from us.

You are also advised to submit your draft materials to for Faculty’s approval before publication to ensure the consistency of identity usage.

Please allow at least 3 working days of turnaround time for each submission.