HKUMed Visual Identity
Mascots Style Guide

In celebration of “130 Years of Medicine in Hong Kong”, the Faculty has launched a series of mascots representing the core values of medical professionals – wisdom, compassion and commitment. With these mascots, we hope to better connect HKU’s spirit with the rest of the community in Hong Kong and the world.

Schools and Departments are welcome to use the mascots in appropriate publicity materials.

Basic Proportions & Colour Scheme
Basic Proportions
Head : Body : Leg
7 : 3 : 1
Body : Arm
1 : 1
Head : Arm
2 : 1
Colour Scheme
Pantone 300U
Pantone 475U
Pantone 160U
Colour Schemes of Departmental Outfit

Please refer to the full HKUMed Mascot Style Guide.

Dos and Don'ts

✘ Change the colours

✘ Change the outfit

✘ Add extra features to the face and body

✘ Add accessories

✘ Centre align the iris

✘ Use gender-specific style/outfit

Brand Assurance & Enquiries

In order to assure brand consistency, please submit the design and artwork to for the approval of Faculty’s Strategic Communications Team before production.

Kindly allow at least 3 working days of turnaround time for each submission.