HKUMed Visual Identity
Font and Logo

The new identity adopts a concise and contemporary typographic approach. A consistent and rational system is established by abbreviating the faculty name into an acronym that can be used alone in short form or bold type in full form accompanying the names of different schools and departments. The new identity maintains strong legibility in all scenarios large and small, making it easily applicable across both print and digital usage. Embodying the notion of clinical cleanliness and technological advancement in the medical world, the rebranding is formed from a simple colour palette of black, white and silver.

The guidelines seek to clarify the use of the HKU LKS Faculty of Medicine name and logo for members of the Faculty, the University, and the public. They have been drawn up to ensure that the use of the Faculty's name and logo are accurate and appropriate, and that such use signifies institutional accountability.

It is understandable that the Faculty's name and logo will be used extensively and under different circumstances. To ensure consistency in the use of the Faculty’s identity, you are advised to cross-check all types of logo applications with the Faculty’s Strategic Communications Team via

The Logo
Visual Identity

The HKU LKS Faculty of Medicine visual identity is composed of three elements:

  • the HKU Badge
  • the Acronym (“HKUMed”)
  • the bilingual Logotype (“LKS Faculty of Medicine, The University of Hong Kong 香港大學李嘉誠醫學院”)
Primary Signature

The primary signature is the HKU Shield with Acronym and Logotype is used only in the horizontal lock-up.

Secondary Signatures

When the primary signature is not practical for your graphic requirements, a secondary signature can be used. The secondary signatures are the HKU Shield with Acronym or Acronym only.

Logo Clearspace

To maintain visual clarity and to provide maximum impact, the signature must never appear to be linked to or crowded by copy, photographs or graphic elements.

For small applications

For certain applications such as name cards (90mm × 55mm) and other smaller applications the minimum clear space can be reduced to 4mm around the signature.

Incorrect Usage

To maintain HKUMed’s identity and integrity, the signature must always be used in its approved form and proportion. It should never be re-created or modified.

Also, it is only to be used in Black (when placed on a light-coloured background) or white (when placed on a dark-coloured background).

✖ Do not use Shield & Logotype only

✖ Do not use Acronym & Logotype only

✖ Do not change the colours

✖ Do not add drop shadow

✖ Do not rotate

✖ Do not add gradient

✖ Do not distort

✖ Do not outline

✖ Do not recreate

✔ Maintain legibility

Application for Use of Faculty Logo

To ensure the consistency in the use of the Faculty’s identity, members of the Faculty that wish to use the Logo in print and/or electronic media are invited to fill in the application form for access to high resolution artwork files.

Note: this e-form is only accessible on the campus cable network or through the HKUVPN.

You are also advised to clear all promotional materials with the Faculty’s Strategic Communications Team. Draft materials should be submitted to Kindly allow at least 3 working days of turnaround time for each submission.

Brand Colours
Primary Colour Palette

The primary colours for all Departments/Schools/Centres/Units under HKUMed communication materials are black, white, silver and grey tones.

CMYK: 0/0/0/0
Pantone White
HEX: #ffffff
RGB: 255/255/255
CMYK: 0/0/0/100
Pantone Black
HEX: #000000
RGB: 0/0/0
CMYK: 0/0/0/50
Pantone 877C
HEX: #8e9090
RGB: 142/144/144
Secondary Colour Palette

The secondary colours are never applied to any part of the logo including the HKU Shield, the Acronym and Logotype. The secondary colours should only be used as highlight or background colours.

The range of secondary colours has been chosen for flexibility; these colours are not assigned to particular Departments/Schools/Centres/Units.

CMYK: 100/45/65/40
Pantone 329C
HEX: #004e4a
RGB: 0/78/74
CMYK: 65/0/35/0
Pantone 3255C
HEX: #49c0b6
RGB: 73/192/182
CMYK: 100/85/0/20
Pantone 286C
HEX: #123985
RGB: 18/57/133
CMYK: 80/0/5/0
Pantone 306C
HEX: #00b1eb
RGB: 0/177/235
CMYK: 10/100/90/45
Pantone 1945C
HEX: #880815
RGB: 136/8/21
CMYK: 0/65/100/0
Pantone 1645C
HEX: #f47920
RGB: 244/121/32
Brand Fonts
Official Typeface

The English typeface is Helvetica Neue. The variety of thickness within the Helvetica Neue family provides a good range of expression for the identity.

The weight which HKUMed’s identity will most commonly use is Helvetica Neue Medium.

The Chinese typeface is 華康儷黑 (DynaLab LiHei), a clear and neutral type style that matches with Helvetica Neue.

The weight which HKUMed will most commonly use is DFLiHeiHK W5.

The typeface is an integral part of the HKUMed brand. They are selected for their legibility in all mediums, including print and online. Staff members are strongly encouraged to use the official typeface for all official publicity and communications materials.

To schedule the installation these fonts, please contact the Strategic Communications Team at

Exceptional Typeface

Staff members can use Arial in English or 思源黑體 (Noto Sans) in Chinese for standard internal needs such as Word documents, Excel sheets, PowerPoint slides and all email applications.

Download Noto Sans

Appellation of the Faculty
✔ Use ✖ Avoid
  • Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine
  • LKS Faculty of Medicine
  • The Medical Faculty
  • HKUMed
  • Faculty of Medicine
  • HKU Faculty of Medicine
  • 香港大學李嘉誠醫學院
  • 港大醫學院
  • 香港大學醫學院
  • 李嘉誠醫學院

White Coat Production
  1. Customised Text
    • From bottom of Department name to top of pocket
      • ~1cm (A)
    • The text is in dark blue calligraphy font (no change from previous versions)
  2. Logo
    • From top of pocket to top of HKUMed logo
      • 2.8cm (B)
    • Height of HKU Crest
      • 3cm (C)
      • please double check the proportion of the logo during production
  3. Bottom Side Pockets × 2
    • 18.5cm (H) x 14cm (W) (within the stitching)

Should you have any questions or any enquiries related to Deans & Heads’ white coat production, please contact the Strategic Communications Team at

Regarding the white coat production for other staff, please contact Ms Ada Lai of HKU Health System at