Event Production

Photo Props

Below are the photo props available with their respective dimensions (width x height).

To borrow them, please contact hkumedbrand@hku.hk. Application must be submitted at least 1 week in advance; the application will be confirmed upon reply.

Light Sign

65cm x 22cm
I am a Doctor
85cm x 45cm
Rod of Asclepius
26.5cm x 106cm

Mascot Cardboards

Smiling Mascots
Set of 3 pcs
19.5cm x 18.6cm
CNY Mascots (set of 4 pcs)
Set of 4 pcs
24.3cm x 24.3cm
35.6cm x 27cm
Add Oil
Set of 2 pcs
29.5cm x 34.7cm
Set of 2 pcs
28cm x 26.6cm
Raise Hand
Set of 2 pcs
29cm x 33.5cm
Set of 2 pcs
32.9cm x 34.6cm

Other Props

Set of 3 pcs
30.8cm (circumference); 28cm (height)
red, yellow, blue
Set of 3 pcs
16cm x 43.5cm
red, yellow, blue
IG Stickers 1
Happy Birthday (set of 2 pcs): 40.4cm x 9.5cm
Loke Yew Hall (set of 2 pcs): 40.2cm x 8.9cm
IG Stickers 2
Birthday Cake: 20cm x 28.2cm
Emoji Slider: 29.6cm x 12.7cm
HKU: 15.8cm x 9.1cm
Circlular: 93.6cm (circumference)
Rectangular: 34.8cm x 14.9cm
Set of 2 pcs
39.4cm x 22cm