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Copyright issues in teaching

Can you play someone else’s video during face-to-face or online lecture?

Blended Learning @ HKU
Virtual Flipped Classroom Design Webinar Series (by TELI)
Flipped Classroom @ HKU

Flipped classroom falls in the wider category of blended learning approach. This website gathers the various flipped classroom experiences by HKU researchers and practitioners whilst providing information on rationales, strategies, challenges and solutions in adopting this T&L approach.

Interactive Online Learning Course 

This short course is useful for you to know how to get started with e-learning.  The course team walks you through the fundamentals of creating your own lecture videos, how to blend them with your face-to-face teaching, and the power of using educational data and learning analytics to inform T&L.

E-learning @ HKU

University-wide hub for e-learning resources.

Using E-learning to support T&L during pandemic outbreak or class suspension

In the event of a pandemic outbreak or class suspension, how could you continue with T&L?

HKU EdTech Extra

A resource hub useful for both students and teachers. Check this out to see how you may want to utilise some of these in your teaching and learning.

References from Other Institutions
Pedagogy-in-action – Connecting theory with classroom practice

by Carleton College 

Creating and implementing in-class activities; principles and practical tips 

by Carl Wieman Science Education Initiative

Active Learning – Flipped Classrooms

by The Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning, Harvard University

Flipping Kit

by Harvard University

Flipping the Classroom

by Vanderbilt University

Fully Online

by Stanford University


by Stanford University


by Stanford University

Getting Started with Active Learning Techniques

by Cornell University

Farewell, Lecture? 

by Eric Mazur – creator of flipped classroom pedagogy