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Guidelines on Self-Assessment for Students

Self-assessment questions in various forms (multiple-choice questions, image labelling, sequence sorting, extended matching questions, etc.) will help students assess their understanding of your online lecture.  In 2019/20 academic year, we have received very positive feedback from students about the availability of self-assessment questions, indicating that it helped reinforce their learning after watching e-learning videos; hence the Teaching and Learning Deanery strongly recommends all video lectures to be supplemented with 2-3 questions per video.

We encourage you to provide questions that cover the scope of your teaching content and some other questions that are at a similar difficulty to exam standards. Please provide explanation for all answers (correct AND incorrect).


HKUMed E-learning Instructors
Dr Mei Li Khong / Dr Enoch Chan

Image Labelling

Image labelling may be useful to evaluate basic understanding for some disciplines, including (but not limited to) Anatomy, Biochemistry, Pathology, Physiology, etc.

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Sequence Sorting

Sequence sorting is useful for testing students’ understanding or memory of a sequence of events or procedural steps.

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