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Guidelines on Producing Online Lectures

  • It is recommended to plan your online lecture as collections of conceptually related information segments, with a duration of 15 minutes or less.
  • To prepare your PowerPoint slides for online lecture:
    • Consider using the Faculty templates for preparation
    • Consider adding diagrams, images, animations or short video clips (only use copyright-cleared materials). 
    • Avoid having excess information in each slide to ensure readability (e.g. having a body text side-by-side with big diagrams).
  • If you wish to use a YouTube video in your lecture, it is important to show the source of the video. Refer to this video for more information.
  • Each segment may include a very short activity to promote students’ engagement, understanding and retention of knowledge.

Live online lecture

  • This approach allows you to have some real-time interaction with students.
  • You are required to record your live lecture for later access on Moodle.
  • You can deliver it using your own computer using Zoom.
    • Essential hardware: laptop/desktop computer with webcam and internal microphone.
    • Optional hardware: external microphone (offers best audio quality).
  • Alternatively, you can use a teaching venue (e.g. Lecture Theatre) at the Sassoon Road Campus with support from the Faculty’s IT and Technology Team.
  • During a live lecture, it is recommended that you should pause every 15 minutes or so to have some form of short activity, such as polling & quizzing using tools such as Mentimeter or Kahoot in conjunction with Zoom.

How to run a live Zoom lecture

How to do polling & quizzing during a live Zoom lecture



Pre-recorded online lecture

  • Students appreciate pre-recorded lecture as it gives them flexibility in the pace of learning and provides an easy means for quick revision.
  • Recorded lectures can be produced using:
    • Your own computer using Panopto / Zoom / Camtasia
    • The Lecture Theatre at Sassoon Road with support from the Faculty’s IT and Technology Team
    • The E-learning Studio
  • Teachers are recommended to conduct an interactive session to reinforce students’ learning, such as polling & quizzing using tools such as Mentimeter or Kahoot. These tools can be utilised in conjunction with Zoom for online interactive sessions.
  • Check here for more guidelines on how to run an interactive session.
  • When you need to point to things during your recording/live session, use the mouse cursor (Move cursor slowly to ensure viewers can follow in the video).
  • It is recommended that you provide 2-3 MCQs or questions in other forms for students’ self-assessment. Check here for more guidelines on self-assessment for students.

Example for pre-recorded lecture

For pedagogical support, please contact:

HKUMed E-learning Instructors
Dr Mei Li Khong / Dr Enoch Chan

  • Review the pre-recorded lecture thoroughly, especially if you record it using your own device. Check for the followings:
    • Audio quality (e.g. too soft/loud, too slow/fast, background noise, long pauses etc.)
    • Proper alignment of audio and video
  • For your own feedback and quality improvement, it is useful to review the analytics of your video:
    • Students’ engagement throughout the semester
    • Most watched portions
    • Students’ comments / notes

To review the analytics, please contact:

HKUMed E-learning Instructors
Dr Mei Li Khong / Dr Enoch Chan